USA Road trip – Monument Valley and Gooseneck on San Jose River

Coffee on the old-school gas station by the empty road. Sun shining straight into your eyes. $1 Sunglasses on your head. Wind blowing your hair, country music playing out loud in the car, black highway and the welcoming space in front of us, asking just to travel more, to travel further… After adventures of this morning, we left Arizona to come back to Utah again!

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Waterholes canyon

USA Road trip – Antelope Canyon in alternative way

I love the feeling of total freedom, when I’m travelling. Despite having a “trip plan” – you can always change whatever you want. After all, it’s your trip. During hitch-hiking it is natural, to travel very spontaneously. When you travel by car – you also have a lot of flexibility. Discovering places thanks to the sudden incidents, leaving things to the fortune, but most importantly – thanks to people. And it happened, that just a few words said by one girl, that we met on our way, allowed us to find one of the most amazing places during our trip around USA National Parks.

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USA Road trip – Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Desert painted with amazing colours of different minerals, petrified forest with the trees that lived there over 200 million years ago and now are beautiful looking stones. Majestic sunset, magic sunrise. Sky full of stars. Sound of the coyotes breaking the total silence. How was the first day and night of the USA Road trip?

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USA Road trip – 2 weeks trip plan with destinations map

Big, wide roads. Huge distances. Cheap cars, cheap petrol. Lots of things to see. What else do you need to hit the road (Jack) and travel around USA?

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Where to eat in Houston

Houston foodie guide: where to eat?

Houston is a big city. You can find several things to do there. But definitely the most popular one (apart from shopping) is eating. Eating out. With food that cheap and that delicious, going to the restaurants several times a week is nothing bad. Wanna know some places worth to try? (Attention, lots of food photos there – don’t start reading without a dinner!)

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[USA] Houston, we have a problem!


It’s one of those phrases from the movie “Apollo 13”, that everyone knows . Even though, the movie story was made more dramatic by editing the original phase “Houston, we’ve had a problem here”, the true is that the real action was strongly connected to Houston in Texas. Here, in the NASA Space Center the controllers were watching the most important moments in American space history.

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