Iceland – hot pools paradise!

Hidden in the mountains, surrounded by lava fields, small or big, natural or built with a little help of people – Iceland has many different types of hot pools dotted around the island.

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Iceland – where to go in a week?

Land of ice and fire. Active volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, immense lava fields covered with bright green moss. Black beaches, blue ice lagoons, wide glaciers flowing down the mountains. Powerful waterfalls splashing water drops, dancing northern lights making great show on the black night sky. You can see it all, and even more during one week in Iceland, and without 4×4 car. How?

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Kadry ze świata (Photos from the world) – Photos of the year 2015


There is one Polish Charity organization called Kadry ze Świata. Every year, they organize photo contest “Kadry ze świata – Podróże okiem Polaków” (“Photos from the world – Travels in the eyes of Polish people”), where 20 best pictures are chosen and granted the title of “Photos of the year”. This year, one of my photos was among the chosen ones! 

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USA Road trip – Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Desert painted with amazing colours of different minerals, petrified forest with the trees that lived there over 200 million years ago and now are beautiful looking stones. Majestic sunset, magic sunrise. Sky full of stars. Sound of the coyotes breaking the total silence. How was the first day and night of the USA Road trip?

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Have a beer… in the church?

What is the weirdest place that you had a beer in? I guess, that during teenager years, they could have been quite extraordinary 😉 But have you ever had a beer in the church?

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Masala Chai

Imagine frosty winter high in the mountains. Blowing wind on the passes over 4000 m. Yaks looking for the food, twirling snow flakes, sharp rocks. People living in the tents, small huts near the roads. Wearing woolen hats, socks, gloves. Trying to keep themselves warm in this bad weather.

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