Portugal road trip

Portugal roadtrip – 4 days itinerary

Over 800 km driven through different landscapes, exploring places in the south, west and center of the country, passing golden sand beaches, cork trees forests, orange plantations, colorful tiled buildings and historic towns. What can you see in Portugal with only 4 days?

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Travel in Iceland on a budget

Iceland on the budget – where to stay and eat + great cost saving tip if you start in Reykjavik!

Let’s be honest, Iceland is not cheap. Classified as the most expensive country, it can make an impression that you need to rob a bank first to travel there. Is it true?

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Food in Iceland what to eat what to avoid

Food in Iceland – what to eat and what to avoid?

Is it delicious or disgusting? Check what is skyr, why the sharks are buried and what to cook in a geyser.

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Iceland off the beaten path best hidden gems

Iceland off the beaten path + location map

Known for its unique atmosphere and untouched nature, Iceland has many secret places that will make your experience very unique and unforgettable. Where to go?

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8 places in south Iceland that you can't miss

8 places in south Iceland, that you can’t miss

What are the places that you just have to see when travelling in south Iceland?

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How to finally see aurora?

How to finally see Aurora (Northern Lights)?

Check those 7 steps that will help you to finally see Aurora.

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Visit Brighton

Brighton – a day trip

Called the happiest place to live in the UK, the most popular seaside destination for tourists on the island, and also a “UK gay capital”- Brighton is definitely an interesting city to visit.

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London – New Year’s Eve on a budget

Thinking about New Year’s Eve in London? It sounds great, but this famous English city can evaporate your budget very quickly. Check out those 5 points, which we tried this year, to see how to spend New Year in London on a budget!

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Car rental and traveling in Iceland

Expensive prices, broken engine, blown up tyres, huge fines for invisible scratches, additional fees for “needed” insurance – internet stories about car rentals in Iceland can sometimes be like taken straight from the horror movie. Is it really that bad? How to make it much more pleasant experience? What other options for traveling around Iceland you have?

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Iceland – hot pools paradise!

Hidden in the mountains, surrounded by lava fields, small or big, natural or built with a little help of people – Iceland has many different types of hot pools dotted around the island.

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