New Year’s Eve in the mountains cottage? Scottish Highlands in winter!

 Mountains all around, blue lake, cottage with fireplace – what else do you need this last night of the year?


I’ve been always dreaming about spending New Year’s Eve in the mountains. I was imaging snowy peaks, sky full of stars and cosy house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And finally I managed to make it true! Pawel, me, Julita & Jacek packed ourselves into tiny Fiat 500 and set off from Aberdeen to the north west of Scotland. We had there a small cottage rented, just 3 steps from the lake, surrounded by the mountains.

How was it?

When you are planning New Year’s Eve in Scottish mountains, you need to remember two things – to start doing this quite in advance (some people book it 1,5 year ahead!), although, sometimes you can be lucky as us, getting something last minute, but you need to look for it a lot. The second thing is the weather. It’s unpredictable (hello Scotland!), so you need to be prepared for everything – including stormy winds and heavy rains.

But we didn’t let the weather to destroy our plans!

Why the New Year’s Eve in the cottage in the Scottish mountains is cool even though the bad weather?

Because you can sit the whole night in front of the fire on the soft carpet. Eat. Drink. Listen to the wind outside.


This is the view that you have from your bedroom window (picture is taken when it was raining, but it’s still beautiful!).


Scotland is stunning even when it’s pouring 😉

DSCF0019 (2)DSCF9998

Even if in the night the rain is so strong, that you can’t sleep, and in the morning you’re finding hail in the grass – you are happy, that it was in the night, not during the day, when you want to at least TRY to go out.

DSCF0093 (2)

Why not to have a barbecue 1st of January when it’s rainy and windy and you don’t have any matches? Why not??


DSCF0058 (2)
When we were travelling to the cottage, we stopped in Inverness to do some shopping and “save our money everyday” in Asda. We had everything – meat for barbecue, whisky, champagne, wine, food, spices. Only we got far far behind all the civilization, when we realized that we don’t have any matches. There were no shops nearby and petrol stations were closed. Well, there need to be something in the cottage! Right?

Eghm… Despite the fact, that the first thing waht we did after entering the cottage, was to search every cupboard for the matches (we didn’t look like burglars AT ALL!), we didn’t find anything.

So, when you don’t have matches and you really need some, you can go for a walk to the next village, knock to the doors of the cottages and ask if they can help you with providing a fire. Finally, you’ll end up with a lighter (barely working) together with information, that you should come back there in midnight, because it’s going to be a big bonfire and fireworks!

And in that way, even far far away from the cities you can enjoy New Year’s Eve with sparkling fireworks and huge fire! Marvellous!” 😉


A little bit of sky on the Isle of Skye.

Our cottage was located very close to the Isle of Skye. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Scotland, so we decided to check it out.

It’s raining, but you don’t give up and go. Then you can see some views. Like this one:

DSCF0106 (2)

Or this one:

DSCF0176 (2)

You watch goats fighting in the middle of the street.

DSCF0117 (2)

You stop to see Elian Donan Castle, where you almost get blown off from.

DSCF0027 (2)

You get crazy when you see a small piece of blue sky.


You jump out of a car for a few minutes to enjoy the views and take a picture, all the time trying very hard to not to be blown away by the wind!


You try to hold your hat very well, to not to be taken by the wind (It took it anyway!)


You go to the south part of the island, where is only one road, in order to just see some nice views and 3 houses at the end of it – in Elgen (I guess there is more to dothere when the weather is nicer). But you can spot sea eagles on the way (unfortunately, no photos)!

And even Highland cows are surprised why you are in the middle of nowhere in the weather like this.


But you don’t give up!


Your waiting is rewarded with longer moment without rain, so you use it to do short hike and see the famous Old Man of Storr.




You also stop near Kilt rock, where the wind finally takes your hat away.

But there is a surprise in the small port town – Portree – the sun comes out!

DSCF0286And in the only one open restaurant you can have the biggest Fish&Chips in the world!


There is no place like…

Then you come back to the cottage, where you still have many activities to do.

You try to write “2015” using broken sparklers, broken lighter and the broken candles lightened from the barbecue.


You rest and look for some stars on the sky.


And the next morning welcomes you with the sunrise like this.


After all, you know, that even though the weather wasn’t perfect, there was no snow and you couldn’t see the stars, this New Year’s Eve was very special!


And you don’t want to leave… But the mountains say “See you soon!”


Where did YOU spend your New Year’s Eve? Share it in the comments!

Would you like to spend it in the mountain cottage one day? Then try Scotland!


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