Kadry ze świata (Photos from the world) – Photos of the year 2015


There is one Polish Charity organization called Kadry ze Świata. Every year, they organize photo contest “Kadry ze świata – Podróże okiem Polaków” (“Photos from the world – Travels in the eyes of Polish people”), where 20 best pictures are chosen and granted the title of “Photos of the year”. This year, one of my photos was among the chosen ones! 

nagłówek-Kadry-Roku-2015Voluntary organization “Kadry ze Świata” connects travelers and photographers, who by providing photos from their trips around the world, help children. Pictures are sold on the auctions and organization website. Collected money is spent to make children’s travel dreams come true. Because passion, dreams and working to achieve your goal are important in life!

You can check all of the chosen pictures here or on Facebook, and my photo is this one. You can buy each one of them in the big format. More details can be found on the organization website.

I sent my photos to the contest thanks to my friend, who convinced me, that it’s for charity and “why not?”. As it is usually at my case, I didn’t have time to do it early enough, so I was choosing pictures quite quickly and I didn’t have any time to photoshop them (not mentioning, that I am quite bad at it anyway ;)). So when I found out, that my photo was chosen, I was surprised! It was first contest, that I sent anything to. It turns out, that it’s worth to follow your passion and your dreams, and if you can help children with it, then even better!

The chosen picture was taken in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I live. In this Scottish oil and gas capital, you can always see the lights of the vessels in the horizon. Big waves and cloudy sky helped to give the picture even more dramatic effect.

I recommend helping “Kadry ze Świata” charity!


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