Horse sleigh ride – where to go?

Snow crunching underneath the fast-pace running sledges, sound of neighing horses vibrating in the air. People are laughing on the high speed, hills and trees are disappearing from the view. Hot tea and mulled wine are quickly warming up the cold hands, delicious sausages are sizzling on the fire. Looking for a great winter activity? Look no further and check where to find horse sledge rides (kulig) in Poland!

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Visit Brighton

Brighton – a day trip

Called the happiest place to live in the UK, the most popular seaside destination for tourists on the island, and also a “UK gay capital”- Brighton is definitely an interesting city to visit.

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London – New Year’s Eve on a budget

Thinking about New Year’s Eve in London? It sounds great, but this famous English city can evaporate your budget very quickly. Check out those 5 points, which we tried this year, to see how to spend New Year in London on a budget!

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2016 – Summary of the year (a lot of photos)

Eleven visited countries (including five brand new ones!), exploring England and Scotland, solo travelling, travelling as a couple, amazing people, great memories, freedom, love and happiness. But also difficult decisions, people’s bad intentions, disappointments, changes. A lot of changes. What a year!

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Car rental and traveling in Iceland

Expensive prices, broken engine, blown up tyres, huge fines for invisible scratches, additional fees for “needed” insurance – internet stories about car rentals in Iceland can sometimes be like taken straight from the horror movie. Is it really that bad? How to make it much more pleasant experience? What other options for traveling around Iceland you have?

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Iceland – hot pools paradise!

Hidden in the mountains, surrounded by lava fields, small or big, natural or built with a little help of people – Iceland has many different types of hot pools dotted around the island.

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Iceland – where to go in a week?

Land of ice and fire. Active volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, immense lava fields covered with bright green moss. Black beaches, blue ice lagoons, wide glaciers flowing down the mountains. Powerful waterfalls splashing water drops, dancing northern lights making great show on the black night sky. You can see it all, and even more during one week in Iceland, and without 4×4 car. How?

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Madagascar: The beginning. Nosy Be – Hell Ville, Ambondrona & Ambatoloaka

It was still dark. The plane was going lower and lower, the pressure was blocking my ears. „Just few more minutes and we will be in Africa!” – I thought – „In Madagascar!”. In the country, that always seemed so far away and unreachable for me, that I’ve never even dreamed about going there. Such an exotic and unusual, nothing like what I’ve ever seen before. I couldn’t wait to touch it, to feel it, to experience it all! Lemurs, chameleons, baobabs. What that I’ve only seen on TV before. Couple more minutes and we touched the ground..

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[Madagascar 2016] The bad story

I went back to the tent, opened the entrance and crawled inside. The night was really dark and it took me some time before I found the torch and turned it on. Suddenly, I felt that something is not right. My heart was beating faster and faster, pumping too much blood to my brain. I saw the black night sky through the back side of the tent. Material was freely blowing on the wind. There was huge hole in the rear wall! I didn’t understand what was going on. And then it hit me. „Paulina!!!!” I screamed..

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Discovering English history – Salisbury, Stonehenge & London

Red brick houses, rich history, local Ale and sun – this is how I see England, and this was exactly how it welcomed us last weekend. In the need of city break – we booked spontaneous trip to Salisbury. This small town is mostly known as a stop on the way to the best known pre-historic monument in Europe – Stonehenge and home of the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral – but it’s not only this.

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