How to travel with full-time job?

How to travel more with a full-time job and limited time – the ultimate guide

Do you want to know how to travel more with a full-time job? I managed to travel to 11 countries in one year with full-time job and on a budget. Want it too? Check my traveling tips for going on holidays more while working full-time. It is possible!

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Travelling year 2016

2016 – Summary of the year (a lot of photos)

Eleven visited countries (including five brand new ones!), exploring England and Scotland, solo travelling, travelling as a couple, amazing people, great memories, freedom, love and happiness. But also difficult decisions, people’s bad intentions, disappointments, changes. A lot of changes. What a year!

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[Asia 2016] How did I end up in Asia? Philippines, Malaysia & India

10 days, 3 (+2) countries, 11 flights, several boat trips, motorbikes, bus, ferry, jeepney, car & tuk tuk rides.Walking, hitch-hiking, swimming and snorkeling. Laughing, talking, experiencing, smiling, meeting, eating, not-sleeping, singing, drinking, dancing, photographing, tasting and enjoying life!

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India. Manali – at the foot of the mighty Himalayas

Gentle moving and a bit of light coming through the bus windows woke me up. It was still dark outside, but the sun shyly started to show its first rays above the horizon, indicating that the dawn is close. I looked around the bus. Everyone was still asleep, stretched on the chairs, resting heads against the windows or hanging over the armrests. I’ve noticed that the road is not that easy and paved anymore. The bus was jumping on the stones, dust was coming from the wheels and there were cliffs on the sides of the road. Somewhere at the bottom you could see the river waters sparkling in the darkness. It was not the lowland anymore. We were getting closer and closer to the mighty Himalayas.

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Masala Chai

Imagine frosty winter high in the mountains. Blowing wind on the passes over 4000 m. Yaks looking for the food, twirling snow flakes, sharp rocks. People living in the tents, small huts near the roads. Wearing woolen hats, socks, gloves. Trying to keep themselves warm in this bad weather.

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[India] White girl in Asia

Big, grey, modern space, with few colorful spots of people. You can find there pieces of carboards, broken trolley in the corner, duty-free alcohol boxes. For the country, that has over 1.2 miliard people, this airport didn’t look like crowded at all.

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