Best outdoor gifts for hikers and nature lovers – Christmas 2018 gift guide for every budget

Are you looking for camping gifts for him, outdoor gifts for her or adventure gifts for both of you? Find the best gifts for hiking and mountain lovers – your friends, loved ones or maybe yourself!

Gift guide for outdoors lovers

Some people have a natural way of finding perfect gifts for others. Some… not every time 😉 Don’t be the second type, find some nice gifts for your friends and family, especially if they love outdoors, hiking or camping. And yes, let’s be honest – you will want all that cool stuff for yourself, too. So now you can send that list to other people and make sure that they know what to give you for your next birthday or holiday (sounds like a plan?)!

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As a nature lover and hiker myself, I know how much joy it gives when someone understands your passion and surprises you with an outdoorsy gift. There is always something that can make camping or hiking easier/safer/better or just remind those good times out in nature during the busy work week. I hope that this list of the outdoor gift ideas will give you some inspiration for very cool adventure gifts!

Outdoor gifts for hikers and nature lovers for every budget

Outdoor gear

Collapsible walking poles for hiking

The collapsible walking poles are a perfect gift for any hiker, be it occasional stroller or a more advanced adventurer. They are very useful for hiking. They take the pressure off your spine and knees, which is a massive help with steep ascents.


# Travel backpack 

Every outdoor lover needs a good backpack. How else can they go on those awesome trips into the wild? Comfortable pack with lots of pockets is one of the best outdoor gifts that you can give. Find the one with the zip pockets and various straps, that are very useful for attaching sleeping mats, hiking gear and anything that is needed for a camping trip, climbing adventure or just a short hike.

Winter gear 

Hiking crampons  

I’m a big fan of winter hiking – fewer people, snow everywhere and the majestic mountains like winter Tatras in Poland. However, in the winter, during snowy and icy conditions you need crampons. They provide safety and stability, so you make sure you don’t slip from the steep ridge. It’s a great gift for hiking and winter mountaineering season. I have Petzl hiking crampons and love them, but there are also options for other budgets.

# Warm beanie for the winter hikes

 The fuzzy earflap beanie will keep the head warm in the cold weather and also make you look trendy. Did you know that around 40-45% of body heat is lost through the head and the neck? Want to be warm, wear the hat on!

 Perfect gift for your loved ones.


#Merino wool socks

Merino wool is the best hiking material, that I’ve recently discovered. It’s soft, not itchy as other types of wool. It keeps warmth when it’s cold and cools when it’s hot. I bought several items from merino wool, but socks are usually the easiest outdoor gift, and there is never enough of them.

Outdoor book

Bestseller SAS Survival Handbook

This “Ultimate guide to surviving anywhere” is a perfect gift for all the adventure lovers. Do you want to know how to spend a night in the forest, how to make a perfect fire, where to find drinking water? Learn new tips and tricks from this worldwide bestseller. Check the latest price here.



# Ultimate hiker’s gear guide from National Geographic

Great book from National Geographic will teach everyone how to find the best gear with tools and techniques to safely hit the hiking trails. Perfect gift for hikers! Check the latest price here.

Camping gear

Professional water filtration system 

Going for long hikes? Travelling abroad to the place where the water contamination is a problem? Or planning camping? The Sawyer water filtration system will come handy in any of those situations. No need to carry 10 litres of water for a hike anymore, you can just use the filter and have drinking water everywhere you go. Now, tell me about better camping gift idea?

Head Torch

For a hiker, camping lover, cave explorer and adventurer. It’s very handy and much safer to all the adventure activities hands-free and with a powerful light on your head. The iPhone torch in the mountains or on the adventures is a big NO, so don’t even try. Get a little and powerful head torch instead. If you care about the safety of yourself or your loved ones – head torch it is!

Insulated Hydro Flask or water bottle

A good water bottle is essential for the long hikes in order to stay hydrated. In the hot summer, if you want to keep your drinks extra cold, the insulated hydro flask is the answer. It keeps liquids cold for up to 24 h! No more warm beer and drinks without ice 😉

#Pocket knife

 The best camping gift and the top useful item for all the camping trips. Perfect for cutting food when you cook on the fire, to open the bottle, to cut a piece of rope or even to do your nails if you accidentally break one 😉


#Camping Stove

 Full camping stove set is perfect for any camping trip. There’s nothing better than hot tea or coffee after a cold night in the campsite or a steaming dinner under the stars.





Outdoor clothes

Multifunctional Headband

Very handy both in the summer or winter. Multifunctional, can be worn on your head, neck or arm. I use it frequently on my hiking trips and on the outdoor workouts. It can even be used as a hairband! 😉



# Waterproof jacket 

 I love my Marmot Goretex jacket, but any Goretex jacket would be a great choice. All of them have Goretex membrane which assures the waterproof qualities of the material and enough breathability. Check price.





# Waterproof trousers

Waterproof trousers are one of the best outdoors gifts. They are especially needed in unpredictable Scottish and Norwegian weather. I have Marmot waterproof pants for many years now and use them every time I go hiking.

Photography/Video Gear

# Action camera

A classic for all the adventure lovers. Take it snorkelling or diving, on that crazy snowboarding trip or hiking in the mountains. Amazing footage guaranteed!
  • $ AKASO Wifi Sports action camera – That’s a cheaper alternative for Go-Pro, but not much worse in quality. I used one of those on my last trip to Asia and it was pretty neat. Waterproof and with Wifi survived my extensive snorkelling with turtles in Gili islands or hiking around the active volcanoes.
  • $$$ Go Pro Hero 6 – a classic of the action cameras, the highest quality of footage and various options.


Mountain-themed accessories

Silver mountain necklace

This one falls under the “outdoorsy gifts for her” category, bringing mountains and cute jewellery together. Which outdoors-loving girl wouldn’t like to have the mountains all the time around her? I would! Check the best prices here.

Cute pillow for  the mountain lovers

We all know, that the best life would involve living in the mountains or be able to go hiking every day. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Luckily, you can now bring mountain memories home for yourself and all your loved ones with the cosy mountain pillow. If you are looking for camping gifts, you can even take it with you on camping (or rather glamping :)) Check the best price here.



Mountain landscape poster 

 Start dreaming about mountains from your own house with this dreamy poster. Check the price h



Mug with a nice picture

 Let the adventure begin with this camping mug! Check the best price here.






What would you choose? Do you have any other ideas for the perfect gift for the outdoor lover? Let me know in the comments!

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