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Hi, I’m Aga.

I’m a geologist and a part-time traveller, currently living in Oslo, Norway.  I love off the beaten path locations, outdoor adventures, and budget backpacking trips. I also advocate for responsible and eco-travel.

What do I have for you?

Do you want to travel the world independently? Are you planning holidays away from work? Do you want to travel on a budget and explore the outdoors exploring the most unique locations? I’m here to help.

With almost 60 visited countries and 10 years of independent travel experience, I help you to plan your trips with useful travel tips, destination guides, and information about unique adventures.

I am here to show you how you can reach for your dreams, travel more and live to the fullest! The unusual and hidden locations, often located off the beaten path with comprehensive guides for stunning destinations and ideas for budget travelling, meeting locals and outdoor adventures.

My story

Long, long time ago, I caught something, which is called travel bug or just I-can’t-stay-at-home-too-long-and-I-have-to-go-somewhere. Now, my life is ruled by this feeling, which doesn’t allow me to stay in one place too long.

I visited 55+ countries (while full time studying or working), hitch-hiked through the whole of Europe, solo travelled through AsiaNorth America, and Africa, managed to travel a long time for less than $5 a day, did paragliding and trekking in the Himalayas, looked for polar bears in Svalbard, bungee jumped in Poland, watched lemurs on baobabs in Madagascar, swam with turtles in Philippines, cooked eggs in the geyser in Iceland, drunk vodka in -20 degrees cold of Russia, hot-air-ballooned in Masai Mara in Kenya, partied with locals in Georgia, swam in the hidden caves in Oman’s mountains, looked for moose in Canada, watched the sunset over Grand Canyon in the US and much more…


I was born and grown up in Poland, in the small village surrounded by mountains. That was the place, where I discovered the magic of travelling and hitch-hiking for the first time. Later, I moved to Krakow for 5 years of studies. Then, my trips became bigger and I travelled further.


After that, life took me to Scotland, where I spent 4,5 years working as the geologist, discovering a new culture, getting lost in the wild mountains and being amazed by the beauty of the nature and strength of whisky.


Recently, I moved to Norway, where I enjoy a proper winter, the beauty of the fjords, dramatic landscape of Svalbard, chasing Northern Lights or midnight sun (depending on the season ;)).

Travels were always part of my life. I travelled with no money when I was a student. Now I travel with limited time, because of my full-time job. I still travel on a budget (because I like it!), and I make impossible real – last year I’ve been to 11 countries, including 2,5 week wild trip to Madagascar.

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Where I have been

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I’ve visited 53 out of 217 countries. That is 24.42%%.


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