[Asia 2016] How did I end up in Asia? Philippines, Malaysia & India

10 days, 3 (+2) countries, 11 flights, several boat trips, motorbikes, bus, ferry, jeepney, car & tuk tuk rides.Walking, hitch-hiking, swimming and snorkeling. Laughing, talking, experiencing, smiling, meeting, eating, not-sleeping, singing, drinking, dancing, photographing, tasting and enjoying life!

Need for travel

It was December 24th – Christmas Eve. I was home finishing preparations for the evening meal. But there was one thing, that didn’t want to leave my mind. In January, I was going to go for a month for a training in United Arab Emirates. Closer to Asia. With cheap flights from Dubai.

There was only one thing I could do – I decided to travel to Asia after the training. Just before the Christmas Eve meal – I bought my tickets. 10 day in Philippines, Malaysia and India. Perfect Christmas gift!

Few weeks later, after I came back from New Year’s Eve break in Russia, I just had two days in UK before my departure to UAE and then to South East Asia. Intensive preparations, great training in UAE and I was ready to go.

In the evening of the last day of my school, I was standing in Dubai airport waiting for a flight to Manila. With goodbye from my friend Mokhtar, I set off for one of the best trips, that I’ve ever had.


The plan was to spend 7 days in Philippines on two islands – Palawan and Bohol. After that two days in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and a long layover in Cochin – Kerala, India. Stop in Kerala significantly lowered the price of my return ticket, so I thought – why not to see more places for cheaper price? As it turned out – it was great idea.

beach Philippines

Live every second of it!

Some people may think that it’s quite short time to see places properly. However, the way that I managed my trip allowed me to see as much as possible in the time, that I had, making it quite intense, but giving me A LOT of satisfaction and adventures. I was constantly happy and energetic. Although, I was sleeping 3-4 hours a day and not wasting a minute, I was doing only things that I wanted to do and enjoying my time.

It was definitely worth it. Of course, if I could – I would make it longer. But for the time being it was how it was. And it was great!

More details soon!

Palm tree in the night Philippines


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