The Best Hotels In Jordan – Full Guide On Where To Stay In Jordan

It might not be easy to find the best hotels in Jordan on your first trip to this Middle Eastern country. The options on where to stay in Jordan can vary depending on your preferences, budget, the means of transport, and timing. Here are some of my suggestions to help you plan your Jordan accommodation and avoid an unnecessary headache.

where to stay in Jordan, a guide to the best hotels in Jordan

During our trip to Jordan, we drove through the country back and forth, filling up our 10 day Jordan itinerary to the maximum and staying in a variety of accommodations. From budget hostels in Amman to huge apartments in the Dead Sea, to spending the night in a 2000-year-old cave in Petra, we’ve tried it all ;-)

The cheapest we paid for accommodation was 18JD for two people. The most expensive was 38 JD for two people. In many cases, the price included breakfast and/or dinner.

Table of content

1. Where to stay in Jordan
2. Where to stay in Amman, Jordan
3. Where to stay in Petra, Jordan
4. Where to stay in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan
5. Where to stay in Dana Reserve
6. Where to stay in Dead Sea, Jordan
7. Where to stay in Madaba, Jordan
8. Where to stay in Aqaba, Jordan

Little Petra is one of the best places to stay in Jordan


Jordan is a great country for any type of traveller. In the text below I try to cover Jordan accommodation options for different budgets and needs, also describing the places that we stayed in during our trip to Jordan.

Keep in mind, that we mostly travel on a budget and try to choose either budget or mid-range hotels. We don’t mind paying a little bit more for an interesting experience, so I include those types of places, too. I was travelling with my fiance, so the easiest for us was to book simple double rooms. Sometimes the rooms had a private bathroom, sometimes not.

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When to book hotels in Jordan?

In most cases, we booked our hotels through Booking before arriving in Jordan, with a few exceptions. It turned out that we should have booked all of them because even though January is the low season in Jordan, the time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays is not. We were struggling a little bit with finding spaces for one night in Petra.

I especially like securing my hotels through Booking, as it usually allows for free cancellation of bookings in case of a change of plans, which is very handy if you want to stay flexible on your trip. I recommend booking in advance at least the main hotels in Jordan in those more popular places like Petra to avoid disappointment. 

Wadi Rum in Jordan

Types of hotels in Jordan

Before our Jordan trip, I have made extensive research about the places to stay. Moreover, we’ve visited some of the hotels, that we haven’t stayed in, just to have a look at them (and so I can tell you more about them here ;-)).

If you plan to stay in the hotels during your trip to Jordan, it’s better to look for them in more developed areas. It might be hard to find hotels in the little villages where not many tourists stop. People there also don’t usually speak English and might not understand you. When you travel by car you can drive to another location. If you hitchhike or use public transport and end up in the middle of nowhere, you would need to camp. It’s also quite common for local people to invite backpackers in Jordan into their homes. Jordanians are a very hospitable nation. However, do not count on the goodwill of people, and do not expect that from them.

Below you have an explanation of Jordan accommodation for different types of travellers.

Cheap hotels in Jordan

If you are backpacking Jordan using public transport, by car or hitch-hike and you want to look for cheap accommodation in Jordan, the best option is camping. You can wild camp in many places around Jordan for free, including camping in the Wadi Rum Desert. In the national reserves like Dana Biosphere Reserve or Petra, wild camping is not allowed, but in the first one, you will find several local campsites where you can pitch your tent or use the ones provided for a small fee. In other areas, use common sense and camp away from the houses.

Cheap hotels in Jordan are not very hard to find. In the bigger cities, especially in Amman, you can find multiple hostels with bunk beds or simple rooms. Accommodation in other parts of the country (except for the Dead Sea) is also reasonably priced.

Recommended best budget hotels in Jordan:

Amman: Hostel 1930, Hamoudah hotel

Petra: Petra Gate Hotel

Dana Reserve: Al Nawatef Camp

Some of the most traditional hotels in Jordan are in Wadi Rum


Mid-range hotels in Jordan

If you want a separate quiet room, but you don’t need luxuries, you will find plenty of small hotels and guest houses in Jordan. My favourite are the guest houses run by local families, where they serve delicious homemade food and have a local feel.

Recommended best mid-range hotels in Jordan:

Petra: Rocky Mountain Hotel

Wadi Rum: Green Desert Wadi Rum

Dana Reserve: Dana Castle Hotel

Dead Sea: Thara Real Estate

Madaba: Queen Ayola Hotel

Jordan luxury hotels 

For those looking for luxury hotels, your best bet is to head towards the Dead Sea. Full of high-class resorts, big chain hotels with pools and spa services, the area will not disappoint you.

Recommended best luxury hotels in Jordan:

Dead Sea: Mujib Chalets, Ma’in Hot Springs

Amman: InterContinental Jordan (the oldest 5-star hotel in the country)

Airbnbs in Jordan

Airbnb works fine in Jordan and you can find it in different regions of the country. Many times, local guesthouses and small travel companies advertise their services there.

You can even stay in an old Bedouin cave near Petra through Airbnb. We tried it ourselves and it was a very interesting experience. This place is run by a young guy, whose family used to live in the caves in Little Petra in the old times. Now, everyone moved to the houses in the city and the young entrepreneur started a business for tourists. The cave interior was quite cozy with soft mattresses, blankets, and candles lighting up the darkness. It also was surprisingly warm, taking into consideration that we visited in winter.

Petra hotels in Jordan are located in Wadi Musa town
Hotels in Petra in Jordan are located in Wadi Musa town


Amman probably has the biggest range of accommodation options in Jordan. From budget hostels to big chain hotels, you can find everything there.

In Amman, we stayed in Hamoudah hotel. We didn’t have much time to explore the city, so we wanted to have a central location with cheap price for the room. The hotel was good enough, with a clean room, a bathroom with warm water. However, there was an additional charge for the rooms with the heating (it was a bit chilly at night). Also, the bathroom was tiny, and the shower was making everything wet. There was no breakfast. The location was great, just a few steps from the Roman Theatre and from the stairs to the Amman Citadel. For one night it was fine. Check the dates and availability here

Best hotels in Amman, Jordan:

Budget hotels:


many hotels in Jordan can be found in Amman
Amman, Jordan

Roman theatre in Amman, our hotel in Jordan was next to it. Where to stay in Jordan, Where to stay in Amman


The main area to look for hotels in Petra is Wadi Musa. It’s a small touristy town, that now caters to all the travellers visiting one of the 7 world wonders. There is plenty of accommodation in Petra in Jordan, however, in more popular times it can get fully booked, so make sure you reserve in advance.

Hotels in Petra

Our first night in Petra, which was on New Year’s Eve, we spent in a simple Petra Gate Hotel. We had a cosy double room with a bathroom, and the location was good. There was a street parking near the hotel, where we could leave the car and several nice restaurants. The place also had a roof terrace overlooking the city. Initially, we were planning to watch the fireworks from there, but after previous long days full of hiking in Dana Biosphere Reserve we were too tired. The hotel was a good value for a very good price. It was the cheapest we could find for those dates. The breakfast was available for a fee – we were leaving at 5:30 am for Petra, so we didn’t go for it. Check the prices and availability here. 

Another night in Petra, we stayed in the Rocky Mountain Hotel on the other side of the town. It was a bit further from the entrance to Petra and from the city centre. The price for the room was also higher, but it came with a nice breakfast and a lovely roof terrace looking like a Bedouin tent. The room was also bigger and the bathroom nicer. Check the prices and availability here.


A few accommodation options you can find north from Wadi Musa, in Uum Sayhoun. This is a little town, where mainly locals live, so it’s easier to find cheap places with food there. The number of places to choose from is smaller, but the area is quieter than Wadi Musa.

Further up the road, towards Little Petra, there are a few more hotels in Al-Baydha.

However, if you don’t have your own transport it might be harder to get there from the gates to Petra. There are some interesting hotels including the possibility to stay inside the caves. We visited one of the camps called Little Petra Bedouin Camp on the way to our cave and it looked very magical lit up at night. It was already fully booked for the dates when we were in the area so we couldn’t try it out. Next time!

Read more: Visit Petra – most amazing views in Petra and how to get to the viewpoints

The best hotels in Petra/Wadi Musa/Al Baydha:


  • Petra Gate Hotel – we stayed there for New Year’s Eve, it was peaceful, clean, warm water, good location, and a rooftop terrace, that we were too tired to make use of ;-)


  • Rocky Mountain Hotel – we spent there a second night in Wadi Musa, loved the interior, breakfast and a view!
  • Little Petra Bedouin Camp – camp and cave accommodation in Al Baydha, they offer rooms from simple to more advanced like sleeping in a cave lit up by fairy lights, it looks so magical!


Wadi Musa, Petra
Wadi Musa
Uum Sayhoun, you can find there some of the hotels near Petra
Uum Sayhoun
A fairy lights lit camp near Little Petra
Little Petra Bedouin Camp

Staying in the cave

If you are up for an interesting experience you can also stay in the 2500 years old cave in Little Petra. There is no bathroom and the toilet is “in the bushes”, but the whole stay is very interesting. We arrived at the location of the cave at night and we were welcomed by Ayan, who is a young local Jordanian managing it. He has two caves – one smaller, where we stayed at and one bigger one for families. There is also a Bedouin tent nearby, where we were served tea.

In the morning we were welcomed by two adorable puppies running around :) 

Where to stay in Jordan? In a cave!
Inside the cave in Little Petra

Our cave where we stayed in Jordan, one of the coolest hotels in Jordan in Petra


The best place to stay in Wadi Rum Desert is either in your own tent or at one of the organized camps. They range from budget Bedouin camps to luxury hotels on the sand. I’ve already written an extensive post about Bedouin camping in Wadi Rum so you can head there for the details and the hotel recommendations. Here, I’ll share with you a brief introduction.

In short, camping in Bedouin tents is totally worth it, the stars are beautiful at night and the food is very tasty. We stayed in Green Desert Wadi Rum, which offers peaceful accommodation in comfortable tents. Check prices and availability here.

Other hotels in Wadi Rum include:



Wadi Rum camping, Wadi Rum bedouin camps, where to stay in Wadi Rum in Jordan
Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum  Desert
Where to stay in Jordan, Where to stay in Wadi Rum
Green Desert Wadi Rum Bedouin camp
Hotels in Wadi Rum, where to stay in Jordan in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum Bedouin camp


Dana Biosphere Reserve is a paradise for hiking in Jordan and is totally worth a visit. The hotels in Dana Biosphere Reserve vary from small guest houses or campsites to the famous luxury Ecolodge.

During our trip to Dana Nature Reserve, we stayed in Al Nawatef Camp, from where we had a direct view inside to the Wadi Dana Canyon. Check prices and availability here.

The camp has several tents located at different levels as well as stone houses. There is also a big tent, where the tea, dinner, and breakfast are served, and where you can warm up by the fire in the wintertime. In January the temperature in the tents was a bit low, but with our sleeping bags and blankets, we could sleep fine at night. Nothing could beat the views, especially for the sunrise! The bathrooms are located outside of the tents, in a corner of the camp. At the time of visiting, the hot water wasn’t working, and it was quite cold for a shower, so we didn’t try it.

Another night we spent in Dana Village in the small Dana Castle Hotel with really good food. The bathroom was shared, but the shower was hot so we could warm up a little bit. Check prices and availability here.

Hotels in Dana Reserve:


Al Nawatef Camp


Dana Castle Hotel

Where to stay in Dana Reserve, Where to stay in Jordan
Al Nawatef Camp, Dana Reserve
View from the campsite on top of Dana Reserve, Jordan itinerary
View from the campsite on top of Dana Reserve, Jordan


The Dead Sea is famous for its salt content in the water, which makes the survival of the organisms impossible (hence the name “Dead”). It’s also known for the mud used for beauty purposes and fun activity which is floating in the seawater ;-). That’s why many spa resorts are located near the Dead Sea.

Hotels in the Dead Sea area in Jordan are not cheap. Unfortunately, you won’t find there any budget hostels as the accommodation places cater mainly to the crowd looking for luxury holidays and the place is full of Dead Sea resorts. However, it is still possible to score a reasonably-priced mid-range accommodation. Most of the places are located in a place called Sowayma.

During our visit to the Dead Sea, we stayed in Thara Real Estate. We got a huge apartment with a balcony, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. No breakfast was included and there was no access to the beach. However, there were handy instructions on how to get to the free beaches nearby. The room was really nice and the view was great. They also have a roof terrace. Check prices and availability here. 

If you are looking for a place with direct access to the beach, in the main part of the Dead Sea the Ramada resort is the most reasonably priced.

On the southern part of the Dead Sea, near Wadi Mujib reserve you can find Mujib Chalets. It is a popular place among travellers looking for a relaxing stay. Small cabins are located on the cliff edge overlooking the water, with direct access to the beach. We stopped near the chalets on our way north and had a chance to visit them. They looked basic, but they had all the needed amenities. I especially liked the terrace and the view. The whole area was very peaceful. Check prices and availability here. 

On the way from the Dead Sea to Madaba, lies Ma’in Hot Springs. It’s a luxury resort with hot spring pools.

Best Dead Sea hotels, Jordan:




In Madaba, you can find a range of available hotels. It’s not a big town, and I wouldn’t normally stay there unless you arrive in the late afternoon (as we did).

We didn’t really book anything for the night when we stayed there, and we ended up in the Queen Ayola Hotel. They had a last available room and it turned out fine. The room was very basic and quite cold. It had a private bathroom. The downstairs lounge was nice, the location central and the staff very friendly. Breakfast was included. Check prices and availability here.

Where to stay in Jordan in Madaba hotels
Our hotel in Madaba, Jordan


Aqaba was the only place, where we haven’t stayed overnight during our trip to Jordan. We didn’t have time to spend longer there, so we just visited it a little bit during the day. There is a variety of Aqaba hotels to choose from.

Aqaba, Jordan itinerary, where to stay in Jordan in Aqaba
Aqaba, Jordan

And what are the best hotels in Jordan according to you? Where would you stay on your next Jordan trip? Let me know in the comments!

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Where to stay in Jordan? Find the best hotels in Jordan for every budget and in the best locations! | Worldering around #Jordan #hotels #wheretostay #hotelguide
Where to stay in Jordan? Find the best hotels in Jordan for every budget and in the best locations! | Worldering around #Jordan #hotels #wheretostay #hotelguide

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