Discovering English history – Salisbury, Stonehenge & London

Red brick houses, rich history, local Ale and sun – this is how I see England, and this was exactly how it welcomed us last weekend. In the need of city break – we booked spontaneous trip to Salisbury. This small town is mostly known as a stop on the way to the best known pre-historic monument in Europe – Stonehenge and home of the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral – but it’s not only this.

One could think, that Salisbury is close to London. Well, not really. From London Gatwick it takes 2 hours by car or 2,5 by train. However =- if you choose your flight times well – you can do it all.

Stone circle

The most famous place in Salisbury is Stonehenge. It is located 13 km from the city and visible already from the highway. New visitor centre opened in 2013 explains the whole history of the region and allows to understand different theories about magical stone circles.

It is touristy place – of course – and as much as I am not a fan of those, I think it is worth to go there at least once. It is a huge area, so even with other people around, you can still enjoy it. And when you see the circle, read about the history and realize how old that place is – you will appreciate it more. The first monument in the circle was built about 3000 BC, which makes it older than pyramids!

There are two types of stones in the circle – smaller and bigger. It is believed that the bigger stones were transported from the place located around 32 km away – and that the average weight of the stones is 25 tons with the largest one weighting 30 tons – can you imagine how they must have transported them?!


Unfortunately, you can’t come close to the stones and touch them, as they are fenced off. Luckily, UK has many other stone circles, that are maybe not as famous, but also very interesting and more accessible. Most of them are open and free to enter, especially in Scotland, where you can find big ones in Outer Hebrides, Orkneys, Inner Hebrides and other places. In England, not too far from Stonehenge, lies another stone circle – Avebury Henge, also worth checking.

Old buildings and old documents

The Salisbury Cathedral is another famous place in town. There, you can find Magna Carta – English charter dated for 1215. The building itself is quite big and impressive. Unfortunately the Chapel with the Magna Carta was already closed when we got there, but normally it is possible to see it.

Salisbury Cathedral inside
Salisbury Cathedral inside

What else?

Salisbury, as a small cute town, is worth a good wonder around, or, as we chose it – having a drink in the sun in the market square. The city also has some good restaurants – newly open Thai street food one can provide you with a great dining experience!

We finished day off with some drinks in a local English pub.


Back to London!

The next day we spent in sunny London, wandering along the river Thames and enjoying the view by the glass of wine in The Shard – the tallest building in Europe. Honestly, there is so much to do there, that even 7 days in London might not be enough!

However, even the shortest visit in England is well worth it – with every step you can discover amazing history and if the weather allows for that – enjoy a pint in the sun, or otherwise – in a local pub.

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