18 Ideas for Best Norwegian Gifts and Souvenirs

Traditional Norwegian gifts are usually items of use and high quality. Perfect for the upcoming festive season, the ideas for Norwegian souvenirs will help you to choose a present for your family and friends from the Scandinavian region. I can guarantee that they (and you) will love them!

Since the beginning of our life in Norway, every trip back home from Oslo involves us bringing some typical Norwegian gifts. Everyone is interested in Norwegian culture and wants to try a little bit of our new home for themselves. But to be honest, Norwegian souvenirs are great gifts in general. Even if you don’t live in Norway, they make for a perfect present.

For all of you living in Norway, loving Norway, returning from a Norway trip, or just dreaming of visiting this beautiful country. Here is the list of the best gifts and souvenirs from Norway to enjoy the spirit of Norway.

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The best Norwegian Gifts and Souvenirs

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#1 Beautiful photos from Norway

Unique photos from different parts of Norway printed on high-quality professional paper are a perfect gift for anyone who loves Norway (or even yourself)! Keep the Norwegian memories in your house in a form of a photograph that you can put on the wall and admire the beauty of this country. 

Check the photo prints from Norway here.


#2 Norwegian cheese

The real Norwegian Gjetost (brown cheese) is made from cow and goat’s milk according to the special recipe. It has a distinctive sweet flavor, yet it doesn’t include any added sugar. Norwegians are very proud of this cheese and it’s a must to try for any cheese connoisseur. You can find it in several strengths – from a mild one to strong one. The cheese is normally sold in big blocks, which are supposed to be cut with a cheese slicer. Apart from Gjetost, you can also find other types of Norwegian cheese, for example, goat cheese from Undredal.
If you are more into a gift box with several different types of cheeses from the whole of Scandinavia you can try this Scandinavian cheese board in a gift box.

Norwegian brown cheese
Available on Amazon here
Scandinavian cheese board in a gift box

Available on Amazon here

#3 Ostehøvel – Norwegian cheese slicer

Once you have a block of cheese sorted for the main Norwegian gift, then you need to also get an Ostehøvel – cheese slicer.

Did you know that the cheese slicer was invented in Norway? It’s one of the things that Norwegians are the proudest of. You can even get it in a shape of moose or a reindeer (to be even more cheesy ;-)).



Ostehovel Cheese slicer
Available on Amazon here

#4 Freia – the Norwegian chocolate

The main chocolate producer in Norway is the Freia company. Freia Milk chocolate is of good quality, available as milk or dark chocolate with nuts, raisins, sweets, etc. Also, Freia snacks like Kvikklunsj bar or half sweet, half salty Smash are very popular among Norwegians.

Freia Milk chocolate
Available on Amazon here

#5 Woollen sweater

The traditional Norwegian sweater is made from wool. The Scandinavian knitwear involves shapes like snowflakes and natural colors like grey, white or dark blue. The typical Norwegian sweaters are made from 100% wool and are perfect for harsh Scandinavian winters. It’s a staple in the Norway winter clothing selection. Take one for Norway’s winter road trip or to Svalbard and you will never get cold.  Dale of Norway is the best-known Norwegian brand producing sweaters of very high quality. Apart from being warm, functional, and cozy, they are also very pretty!

Norwegian sweater for her – 100% wool, real quality material, and Norwegian design from Dale of Norway.

Norwegian sweater for him from Dale of Norway, 100% wool


A sweater for her
Available on Amazon here
A sweater for him
Available on Amazon here 

#6 Merino wool sportswear

Norwegians love sports, especially winter ones, so there’s no surprise that their sportswear is of great quality. Very popular are items made from merino wool. Everyone in Norway uses them for skiing (which is their favorite winter sport). The merino wool is also the best for hiking, as they keep you warm when it’s cold, or cools you down when it’s too hot, always giving you a dry sensation. One of the brands popular in Norway for merino wool is Kari Traa.


Merino wool activewear for her
Available on Amazon here
Merino wool activewear for him
Available on Amazon here

#7 Trip to Norway 

There’s no better gift for someone who loves Norway, than a trip to visit this fascinating country. From arctic adventures on Svalbard to dog sledding in the mountains, through road trips in the fjords, chasing the Northern Lights, or discovering the history of Oslo – there is plenty to do in Norway. Choose tours from the Nothern Lights Trip in northern Norway, Reindeer Sledding & Feeding with Sami Guide, to Fjord Cruise & Whale Safari.


Choose from popular tours in Norway
Get Your Guide

#8 Norwegian T-shirt

A nice T-shirt is always a good idea for a souvenir. You can find different designs of T-shirts from Norway for women and men. I especially like the ones made from soft and quick-drying material.


Norwegian T-shirt for him & her
Available on Amazon here.

#9 Smoked Norwegian Salmon

Smoked salmon is one of the most famous Norwegian foods. It’s known for its great quality and distinctive taste. Buy it together with Norwegian cheese, some crackers, cloudberry jam, and chocolate, so you can prepare a full Nordic meal for your loved ones.

Smoked Norwegian Salmon
Available on Amazon here

#10 Norwegian Book

You don’t need to know Norwegian to read Norwegian books. Famous Norwegian author Jo Nesbø and his Harry Hole series of crime novels are widely available in English. There are 11 books in the series, so this idea for the Norwegian gift can be used for more than one occasion ;-).


Norwegian book
Harry Hole book available on Amazon here

#11 Anything Viking related

Norwegians really embrace their Viking heritage. In Oslo, you can visit the Viking Museum to learn about Viking history in the country. The Viking-themed souvenirs are widely available and strongly associated with Norway. You can find anything from Viking drinking bowls to Viking jewelry.


Viking drinking bowls
Available on Amazon here
Viking jewelry
Available on Amazon here


#12 Norwegian Jule ornaments and Nordic Santa

Nothing says Christmas more than Christmas Ornaments. Get one of the cute Nordic Santas as one of the Norwegian presents for your friends and family. And have a God Jul (Merry Christmas in Norwegian)!

Nordic Santa
Available on Amazon here

#13 Norwegian craft beer

Norwegian gifts and souvenirs - local craft Norwegian beer from SvalbardEven though the prices of alcohol in Norway are very high (and I thought I had my most expensive beer in Iceland), the drinking culture is still active. New craft beers are popping up in different parts of the country. One of the interesting beers to try is the one from Svalbard brewery. The world’s northernmost brewery in Spitsbergen produces local beer from the crystal clear glacier water, which can be a unique gift for any Norway (and beer) lover.



#14 Waffle maker

Waffle anyone? Waffles are normally associated with Belgium, but real Norway enthusiasts will know that they are also very popular in Scandinavia. We even have waffles Thursdays every week in the office ;-). Also, nothing tastes better than a crispy waffle with brown cheese and hot glogg (mulled wine) after a skiing trip in Norway. Norwegians eat their waffles with jam and cream or brown cheese. You can make the perfect Norwegian waffles with this powerful waffle maker.


Waffle maker
Available on Amazon here

# 15 Painted rosemaling

Rosemaling, the decorative painting of Norway is becoming more and more popular amongst local artists. The colorful flowers and ornaments appear on traditionally painted boxes, cheese boards, cups, or vases. They bring folklore feels into the household.



Rosemaling cheeseboard
Available on Amazon here

# 16 Aquavit /Akvavit

Akvavit is a popular Scandinavian spirit, commonly consumed on special occasions. It’s made with dill or caraway and typically has 40% of alcohol. Perfect with any type of strong food like fish, it matches the Norwegian salmon or pickled herring perfectly. To make your friends or family learn more about this Scandinavian spirit you can give them the AKVAVIT – Rediscovering a Nordic Spirit book, which explains the secrets of that drink. And then buy them a drink itself. Skol! (“Cheers” in Norwegian).


Akvavit book
Available on Amazon here

# 17 Norwegian Troll 

Trolls are an integral part of Scandinavian folklore. They used to be associated with bad luck and appeared in dark stories. However, lately, their image has been transformed into a more friendly one. Trolls are now perceived as cheeky little creatures hiding in the forests and mountains. They are definitely one of the most original Norwegian souvenirs that you can get. I find them cute 😉


Norwegian troll doll
Available on Amazon here

#18 Nordic Tales 

For everyone interested in the Nordic culture, the book with traditional Nordic tales would be one of the best Norwegian gifts. This illustrated Nordic Book for Teens and Adults is a collection of 16 traditional tales from Nordic folklore. The enchanting stories will bring you and your loved ones into the magical world of folklore. 


Nordic Tales
Available on Amazon here

The best gift from Norway?

So there you have it, the list of the best Norwegian gifts and souvenirs to bring back to anyone interested in this part of Scandinavia. And next time, take them with you for a Norwegian adventure!

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Posted: November 2018, Updated: November 2022

Which gift from Norway is your favorite? Can you add anything to the list? 

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The best gift ideas from Norway, gifts for all Norway lovers. Find the perfect Norwegian gift from Scandinavia and Nordic region with the gift guide | Worldering around #Norway #Scandinavia #Nordic #gifts #giftguide #christmas
Best Norwegian gifts and souvenirs for people who love Norway. Find out what are the best Norwegian gifts are and get them for yourself or your loved ones | Worldering around #Norway #gifts #Christmas #giftguide #Scandinavia #oslo #souvenirs

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