Autumn in Scotland – 10 Reasons To Visit Scotland In Autumn [+ PHOTOS]

Fall in love with autumn in Scotland and find out why it’s a perfect time for visiting Scottish cities and the countryside.

Autumn in Scotland - reasons to visit Scotland in autumn

It’s official. The summer is over. The long dark nights, chilly evenings, and crisp air have arrived. However, even though the weather in Scotland in autumn might be a bit worse, it’s still a great time for a holiday break in Scotland.

Autumn in Scotland starts in September, or even in August when the summer fades away with colder nights and mornings. Scotland in October is when the fall is properly there. It’s also the best time to really experience it. Golden light, orange, and red autumn colors, delicious food.

Days in Scotland in November might be much darker and rainier. The light hours are getting shorter and it’s getting darker. You can still get some nice and clear days, but the risk of showers is higher. Temperatures range from 5°C-15°C. However, this is also the season when the Northern Lights are visible when food is at its finest, and the light at its prettiest.

Scotland in the fall is a very special place, find out why.

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10 Reasons to Visit Scotland in Autumn

#1 There are fewer tourists 

Isle of Skye Scotland

The high summer tourist season is finished. The trails in the Highlands are deserted and the famous Scottish sites are empty. You can immerse yourself in the true remote Scottish feel, enjoy the quieter places and explore the real autumn in Scotland with only Scots around.

#2 Autumn in Scotland means cheaper hotels and better availability

Scotland hotels

With the smaller amount of tourists, the places that are usually booked well in advance in the summer months, now have better availability. It’s also way cheaper. You can find some great deals for Scottish retreats or romantic Highlands gateways. Check here for prices and availability.

#3  Scotland is covered in the beautiful shades of gold

Scotland beach in autumn

The grass on the moors turns red, and the leaves on the trees are in shades of yellow and orange. You can find plenty of great autumn walks in Scotland to enjoy the warm colors of nature.

#4 There are no midges

campfire, wild camping tips, wine
Enjoying wine and no midges!

The annoying little creatures are in the peak hatching season during the summer months in Scotland. Luckily when the colder and windier days arrive, they are gone! Autumn is the best time to visit Scotland to avoid midges.

#5 You can see Northern Lights in Scotland

Northern Lights in Scotland

Darker nights and shorter days give more possibilities to see the Northern Lights in Scotland. Check the best tips to see Aurora here.

#6 You can see plenty of wildlife 

Deer in Autumn in Scotland

Be it squirrels, red deer, or pheasants, there is plenty of wildlife to watch during autumn in Scotland. Go for a walk in the Scottish Highlands and look out for the animals.

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#7 Enjoy traditional Scottish food and drink

Food during autumn in Scotland

Nothing beats the delicious local produce straight from the autumn harvest. Succulent lamb, perfectly prepared game, tasty pears, and apples. Wash it down with a wee dram of local whisky, sitting by the fire – what else do you need?

#8 Find the perfect photo opportunities

Autumn landscape in Scotland

During the Scottish Fall, you don’t have to look far for great photo opportunities. If you don’t like waking up early, you can catch the late sunrise and early sunset. Use the soft and warm light to take those perfect pictures for your Instagram.

#9 Go to the Scottish events

Enchanted forest

Walk in the Enchanted Forest of Pitlochry, watch the fireworks on the Guy Hawkes night, or dance the night away on the Ceilidh. There’s plenty to do to keep you busy in autumn in Scotland.

#10 Discover the beautiful waterfalls in Scotland

Waterfalls in Scotland

Everyone knows, that waterfalls look more spectacular when it rains and it rains quite a lot in autumn in Scotland 😉

And if it rains, you can see a beautiful rainbow.

Rainbow in Scotland

Would you like to come to Scotland in autumn? What else would you do? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights. All these pictures look absolutely stunning. Now I really want to go to Scotland to experience all these that you’ve listed.

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