USA Road Trip – Grand Canyon and Lake Powell

Grand Canyon is a bucket list travel destination! How is it to experience this natural wonder and where to go for the best views?

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USA Road Trip – part 2

  • Grand Canyon NP, Arizona
  • Lake Powell, Utah
  • Page, Arizona

Grand Canyon Visitor Center

After spending the night in Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Park, the second day of the USA Road Trip welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise. Soon after, we were already on the road to Grand Canyon.

I remember that feeling. When I was just about to see the pyramids, reach the Himalayas, and enter the Taj Mahal. Prepared for something special. And then… BOOM!

First, you see people. And cars. More cars, more people. Actually, in the beginning, you think there are even more cars than people. How is it even possible to find a parking space here?

Then you go out of the car and walk to get to the edge of the Canyon – you can’t see anything from the distance, nothing from your car. You walk, and you can see people coming back, but you still can’t see anything, only trees. And then, there it appears. Taking your breath away.

This “surprise” aspect is the only good thing about Grand Canyon Visitor Center South. There are some exhibitions inside, but also full of people. If you don’t like crowds much (I don’t, I really don’t!), try to avoid this place. Head straight to one of many viewpoints on the way. Let yourself be amazed, without the need of peaking over people’s heads. There are many good spots, with much nicer views, where you can be alone looking over the majesty of the Grand Canyon. And if you want something really special, try VIP Grand Canyon Experience.

Grand Canyon will leave you speechless

It’s worth mentioning, that Grand Canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide, and 1.6 km deep. It is really HUGE! When you are there, it feels unbelievable, almost unreal, and no pictures nor videos can express that feeling.

Canyon tells a story about Earth – about its geology, collisions and driftings, mountain formations and erosion, falling and rising sea levels, and carving forces of water. The story reaches to nearly 2 billion years old rocks at the bottom of the canyon. Exposure and climate changes in the canyon also support a different range of plants and animals. Also, people’s history was involved there – from an early Paleo-Indian to the recent past. Grand Canyon connects everything – nature, geology, and people.

The best viewing point in Grand Canyon

The viewpoint point, that we found, was towards the end (when you approach from the direction of Flagstaff and go towards east) – Lipan Point. When we arrived there, in the afternoon, the gentle sun was touching the colorful layers of geological history. It is the very last point, so you can see far to the west, through the whole length of the canyon, together with the green waters of the Colorado River, which carved all that beauty.

Powell Lake and Page

We left this great natural wonder and headed to the northeast, to get to Powell Lake and Page, where we were supposed to visit Antelope Canyon the next day. There is a lot to do in Page Arizona, so we needed to choose wisely.

On the way, we saw some smaller canyons, or possibly further parts of the Grand Canyon. We almost missed them, as there were no big signs, just a small car park by the road.

In the evening, we reached the city of Page and Powell Lake. We were thinking about camping by the lake, further away from the city, but finally, we decided to stay at a campsite for that night (with a hot shower!), because the place by the lake was really windy and cold, even though with great views. However, we needed to wake up early in the morning to get to another amazing place.

Tired after a very long day, we fell asleep shortly to wake up again for the new day sunrise, and adventures, that were waiting for us!


The next parts of the trip coming soon!

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