What to do in Helsinki in Winter – a perfect trip to Finland (+ Best Sauna & Ice-Swim)

Ever wondered what to do in Helsinki in winter and what are the top places to visit? Did you want to try traditional Finnish sauna, ice-swimming, walking on a frozen sea, visiting some unusual churches and monuments and tasting delicious Scandinavian cuisine? Check out what are the best things to do in Finnish capital in winter!

what to do in helsinki in winter, finland weekend trip

The country of The Moomins (high five if you know them!) with the capital of a similar size to Oslo, is great for the weekend trip. Finland is well known for its winter activities and the magical Lapland, and Helsinki in winter is very picturesque. Even if you are going somewhere else in Finland, spending a couple of days in Helsinki is well worth it. You can also extend your stay and take the opportunity to explore a few from the day trips from Helsinki.

Check out Helsinki in winter (and my ice swimming attempt) on the video:

Below are my recommendations on what to do in Helsinki in winter to make sure you have an amazing time in Finland.

What to do in Helsinki in winter? Spend a great weekend in Finland!

#1 Try traditional Finnish sauna and ice swimming

The saunas are a big part of a Finnish culture. With 5 million inhabitants in Finland, there are over 3 million saunas – averaging one per a household. Isn’t it crazy? Luckily, Helsinki also has some public saunas for you to try, so you don’t have to invite yourself to the people’s houses (although, that would be a great experience too :)).

The traditional wood-heated saunas in Helsinki include Kotiharjun Sauna, Kulttuurisauna, and Sauna Arla. They typically have separate rooms for men and women and are taken naked.

However, since I was in Helsinki with Alex, we wanted to have a more social experience and we decided to go for the newly established Löyly sauna, located by the coast. Löyly offers two sauna rooms heated by 7,000-kg stoves, lounge, terrace, restaurant, bar and, my favourite part, access to the frozen sea.

Cooling yourself down after the hot sauna is what Finnish people often do, so trying ice-swimming was a must for me.

It was an amazing and very refreshing experience to take a dip in the frozen sea and then quickly run back to the sauna to get the feeling in my body back, haha.

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Just chilling (literally!) watching sunset in Helsinki 😅 ~ Have you ever tried ice-swimming? I had a chance during our recent trip to Finland. It was a very interesting experience 😄 First we were in the wood-heated sauna and then we jumped to the sea to cool ourselves down. You don’t have to guess that I run back inside as quick as possible 😂 ~ More, including the trendy must-visit sauna in Helsinki, the best places to see in a weekend, some more ice walking and travelling to the UNESCO fortress – on the blog now! Link in bio 👆 . . . #worlderingaround #visithelsinki #visitfinland #löyly #saunatime #helsinkilove #finnishsauna #iceswimming #wintersunset #femmetravel #outdoorlovers #girlaroundworld #outdoorwoman #adventurelover #adventuregirls #arcticadventures #globelletravels #girlsthatwander #shetravels #sheisnotlost #girlslovetravel #wearetravelgirls #femaletravelbloggers #travelphotographyoftheday #trynewthings #weekendtravel #helsinkibynight #myhelsinki #thisisfinland #ourfinland

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#2 Travel through the frozen sea to the UNESCO fortress

Fortress of Suomenlinna is a sea fortress, located on a group of islands, located at the entrance to Helsinki harbour. It dates back to the 18th century and is a great example of European military architecture. The islands are so peaceful to walk around with cute cafes located in the colourful wooden houses. The ferry trip is very short as it lasts 15 min and costs 2,20 euro. The views from the boat are great and it’s worth taking it even just for those!

Travel through the frozen sea to Suomenlinna fort, what to do in Helsinki in winter
Travel through the frozen sea to Suomenlinna fort
Cafes in one of the six islands where the Suomenlinna fort is built, what to do in Helsinki in winter
Cafe in one of the six islands where the Suomenlinna fort is built


Door inside the Suomenlinna fort, what to do in Helsinki in winter, Finland
Door inside the Suomenlinna fort
Abandoned submarine, Suomenlinna fort islands what to do in Helsinki in winter, Finland
Abandoned submarine, Suomenlinna fort islands
Colourful houses, Suomenlinna fort islands what to do in Helsinki in winter, Finland
Colourful houses

#3 Walk on water

In the low temperatures the water in the Töölönlahti bay freezes, which makes it the perfect place for a Sunday stroll, cross-country skiing or unusual “walking on the water” experience. There is also a cute rust-red wooden cafe located just by the bayside – Regatta. It serves delicious cakes and coffee and offers the sausages to be grilled on the outside fire overlooking the bay.

Frozen bay, Helsinki, what to do in Helsinki in winter, Finland
Frozen bay, Helsinki
Cafe Regatta, what to do in Helsinki in winter Finland
Cafe Regatta, the cutest cafe in Helsinki

#4 Visit Sibelius monument

Interestingly looking monument dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It’s located in the Sibelius park next to the Töölönlahti.

#5 Go to the church

Regardless if you are a frequent church visitor or not really, visiting a few of the Helsinki churches is an interesting experience.

Helsinki Cathedral

A distinctive landmark in the city’s landscape, the Helsinki Cathedral became a well-recognized symbol of a city. Built on top of a small hill with the set of stairs leading to it, it towers above the surroundings. Its white walls and tall green domes can be spotted from far. Free entry.

Kamppi Chapel

Chapel of silence is made from wood and has an unusual shape of a cone (or a yogurt cup ;)). The interior is very simple and it’s meant to offer a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas of Finland. Free entry.

Rock church

Temppeliaukio Church is built directly into the solid rock. It has a rounded shape and the light enters through the dome roof around the copper center. The church is one of the most popular places to visit in Helsinki and there are concerts organized in the venue. Entrance fee to the church is 3 euro.

Rock Church, what to do in Helsinki in winter
Rock Church

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#6 Try traditional Finnish food

Different types of fish and meat including reindeer or even a bear, arctic berries and wild mushroom in different combinations create unique flavours of Finnish cuisine. Sea buckthorn juice will give you a daily dose of vitamin C, you will find lingonberries in your Finnish vodka shot, eat hot Karelian pasty and have a dessert of spongy farm cheese in cinnamon sauce with sour cloudberry jam. Yum! Liquorice is also a popular flavour in the Finnish cuisine, but not everyone likes it. We went for dinner to Lappi and loved it, highly recommended!

#7 Visit Helsinki markets

Helsinki has several outdoor and indoor markets. We visited the ones next to the harbour, located close to the Market Square. The indoor one offers a nice warmth during the walk in the cold day and on the outdoor one you can find everything from home-made food to handmade souvenirs.

Where to stay in Helsinki?

The stay in Helsinki was a gift from my boyfriend to me, so this time we stayed in a very nice luxury hotel, Lilia Roberts. If you want to treat yourself, that’s the place to do it. The rooms are very unique, the hotel is full of art and their breakfast is just amazing! Check prices and book here.

Other options to stay in Helsinki:

$ Budget: CheapSleep Hostel Helsinki – located only 3 km from the train station it offers good accommodation for the cheap price. Check prices here.

$$ Mid-range: EasyHomes Helsinki – great location and good price for a studio apartments close to the city center. Check prices here.

What to do in Helsinki in winter Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki view, what to do in Helsinki in winter, Finland
Helsinki view.

Would you like to visit Helsinki in winter? Do you have any other ideas of what to do in Helsinki in winter? Share in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “What to do in Helsinki in Winter – a perfect trip to Finland (+ Best Sauna & Ice-Swim)

  1. Where do I begin…I generally hate the cold however Helsinki in the winter looks amazing. So I love a crazy adventure so I think I would try (Probably only once!) the ice swimming as long as the run back to the sauna wasnt too far!
    Love the Rock Church too. What an amazing structure! Did you try Reindeer or Bear? That would definitely be a bucket list food to try in Finland for me!

  2. What great ideas for a winter weekend trip to Helsinki Poland! I haven’t been to much of Europe yet but this sounds like fun. I would definitely like to check out the saunas and then do some ice swimming like you did.

  3. That rock church looks incredible! I am hoping to go to Finland later this year and although the cold worries me a little I am also very excited! Maybe I will even consider ice swimming… 🙂

  4. This looks stunning! I’ve visited Helsinki in the autumn but this really make me want to head back and explore in the winter. We didn’t have time for a traditional sauna but it sounds amazing. Absolutely adding to my bucket list for a return visit.

  5. I cannot imagine the feeling of walking down the path in my bare feet on frozen land… and then taking a dip. I would be running to that sauna!! Looks like an amazing winter destination!

    1. Haha yeah, the walking was the worst part actually! I recommend taking the flip flops if you have them with you. I didn’t even have a proper swimsuit as you can see from picture, so I wasn’t very well prepared, but I survived 😉

  6. Girl! Have did you managed to do that? Swimming in icy water? I wouldn’t even be able to go out without wearing 5 layers!
    I have to say Helsinki looks amazing with all this snow. Although I’m allergic to countries that have below zero temperature, I would love to visit Finland.

  7. Having only been in Helsinki in summer I can imagine it’s super different in winter! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to get into those icy waters though! Ice swimming looks invigorating but oh my gosh also very very very cold!! I haven’t read about Suomenlinna before, that looks like a colourful and interesting place to visit. Of the other sites, I’m drawn most to the Kamppi Chapel, it looks like a really beautiful and “warm” structure.

  8. These photos are so artfully composed and alluring! Love them. I jumped out of my seat when I saw the rock church. Turns out I visited it as a teen, many years ago, and had totally forgotten. Thank you for bringing back good memories!

  9. Brrr that looks cold. I’ve only ever visited Helsinki in summer when everyone stripped off to cool down. Winter looks like a fairytale kind of land. I’d love to explore the city in winter when everything looks so crisp and clean.

  10. oh my goodness! barefoot on the ice and snow and into the frozen sea! You are BRAVE! The rest of the itinerary looks fabulous to me, but it needs to be above 25C for me to consider seawater!

  11. I live in Helsinki, and winter here is a lot more fun than some people might think! You give awesome ideas here, including my favourite winter possibility: walking across Töölönlahti when it’s completely frozen over. 🙂 Great article – I really hope you enjoyed your visit to Helsinki!!

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