Dream list


Some time ago I made a list of things I want to acomplish in life. Some of them are very serious and private, but others are about travelling and trying new things. I will share with you this travel and fun part of my list.

The list is still growing, but it is also being reduced by the things that I’ve already done.

In random order:

  1. Go to Himalayas
  2. See Taj Mahal
  3. Ride rickshaw in India
  4. See geyser in Iceland
  5. See the Northern Lights (Scotland & Iceland, 5 times!)
  6. Take a good picture of the stars
  7. Jump with a parachute
  8. Go to animal safari
  9. See the sunrise in the Grand Canyon
  10. Make a good movie from a trip
  11. Run a blog (:D)in progress
  12. Yoga retreat in a jungle
  13. Bungee jump
  14. Paragliding
  15. Discover Europe by hitch-hiking
  16. Slide on the skateboard in the desert
  17. Spend the night in the desert
  18. Outdoor climbing
  19. Skinny-dip in the sea/lake/river in the middle of the night
  20. See the pyramids and come inside one of them
  21. USA road trip
  22. Go by hitch-hiking in the back of the car on the open space (Georgia)
  23. Lead the trainings
  24. Live in another country for some time
  25. Drink whisky in Scotland
  26. Drink green tea in Japan
  27. Eat chinese rice in China
  28. Drink Columbian coffee in Columbia
  29. Eat burrito in Mexico
  30. Go sailing and sleep on the boat
  31. Fly a hot air baloon 
  32. Have my own flat/place on Earth
  33. Swim with the dolphins (boat)
  34. Swim with turtles (Madagaskar!)
  35. See the cherry trees blooming in Japan
  36. Go to the crazy summer festival (outside of Poland and Polish Woodstock, as it is already checked)
  37. Have my own car and give hitch-hikers a lift
  38. Lead the aircraft
  39. Try surfing
  40. Hitch-hike a plane ;)
  41. Try hitch-hiking on the boats
  42. See the luminescent plankton
  43. Desert trek to Petra, Jordan
  44. Cook eggs in geyser ;) (Iceland)

And how big is your wish list? ;)


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