Raclette – cheese delight


Do you like cheese? Warm, chewy cheese? Especially in the cold, winter night, when you just came back from skiing? Then you should try “raclette“!

DSCF0228According to Wikipedia, the raclette, which is both the name of the dish and the type of cheese, comes from the Switzerland. However, it’s also very popular in France. Our French friends invited us recently to try this dish.

The term itself – raclette, comes from the French word racler,  which means “to scrape”. It references to the way, that the dish is prepared – the cheese is melted by the fire or a special machine, and then the melted part is scraped from unmelted block directly to the plate.


Traditional way of eating it is with boiled potatoes and ham or some vegetables.

It’s veeeery good and very filling. I had three rounds and I was full.

Highly recommended!


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