Wadi Rum camping, Wadi Rum Bedouin camp

Jordan Wadi Rum Camping Guide – Best Desert Camps

The sparkling night sky filled with thousands of stars, soft red sand on the ground, alien-looking rock formations, and traditional Bedouin tents tucked into the corners of the moon valley. Peace and silence away from any cities. Wadi Rum camping experience is one not to be missed on the trip to Jordan. How to organize it, which Wadi Rum Bedouin camp to choose and how to have the best experience of camping under the stars? 

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Wild camping tips

The best camping equipment and essential wild camping tips

To wake up to the mountain view and the sound of the flowing stream. No need to pay for your stay, which helps with your budget traveling style. What else do you need? With the correct camping and wild camping equipment and following a few simple tips, camping in the wild can be very rewarding. Check my top wild camping tips and the list of wild camping essentials to have a great first camping experience in the wild!

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Lemur Madagascar

Madagascar – the bad story

I went back to the tent, opened the entrance and crawled inside. The night was really dark and it took me some time before I found the torch and turned it on. Suddenly, I felt that something is not right. My heart was beating faster and faster, pumping too much blood to my brain. I saw the black night sky through the back side of the tent. The material was freely blowing in the wind. There was a huge hole in the rear wall! I didn’t understand what was going on. And then it hit me. „Paulina!!!!” I screamed.

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