Hytte in Norway – 10 Cute Cabins In Norway You Can Actually Afford

Staying in a traditional rustic cabin in Norway (or as locals call it “hytte” in Norway) is a true Scandinavian way of traveling. There are many amazing cabins in Norway to choose from. Below, I share with you carefully selected cabins in Norway for your next trip, that won’t cost millions!

hytte norway

Y’all should know that I am a big fan of wild camping, which is also one of the ways of traveling  Norway on a budget. But, whenever I’m not camping, I try to stay in a traditional Norwegian cabin. Especially when I’m traveling Norway in winter. I often go for places with a soul, with a special character, a special feel of koselig (cozy) in the hytte in Norway, breathtaking view, cozy interior, or unusual look.

You can find different types of holiday cabins in Norway. The ones with traditional Scandinavian design and always with fireplace, mountain cabins, cabins located by the fjords, lakes or rivers, or even fancy treetop cabins in Norway. From Airbnb cabins in Norway to private businesses, you can be sure that there is a lot to choose from. Find my best picks below!

Hytte Norway – Top Scandinavian Cabins in Norway

Staying in a cabin would be my top choice when traveling Norway in the winter – what is better than watching the frozen landscape from the inside of the toasty cabin, with the crackling fire and a glass of wine? 

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The cabins on the list below are not in any particular order. I’ve stayed in most of them, and others are on my to-visit-ASAP list. This post isn’t sponsored. I just loved them a lot and I thought you could too! There are, of course, many more amazing cabins out there, so this list is being constantly updated – bookmark it and pin it so you can check it later. 

#1 Wooden cabins hanging over the fjord with an amazing view

I’ve stayed in these beautiful wooden cabins with balconies hanging by the fjord water in winter. And it was magical. I am usually the type of person who tries to go out of the accommodation and explore as much as possible. This time it was the opposite. I just wanted to stay in and admire the view. It’s definitely on my list of the best places that I’ve stayed in Norway. And the fjord that this hytte overlooks, is the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord.

Click here to book and check the prices and availability. 

Location: Aurlandsfjorden (near to Flam) – check best things to do in Flam

This is the view:

view from cabin norway hytte aurland fjord

Cottages by the fjord
Cottages by the fjord

#2 Home away from home in Lofoten – a lighthouse, a boutique home or Rorbu

During our trip to Lofoten and Nordland part of Norway, we stayed in a really nice hotel in Reine – Catogården – Boutique Home & Activity Centre. The interior was really cozy, each room had an amazing view, there was a yoga room with a gym, the terrace, free tea and coffee, a cute kitchen, and a homely feeling. I can highly recommend a stay there. Check the best prices and the availability here.

Another popular type of hytte in Norway, especially in Lofoten, are fisherman’s cabins, – the red houses you can see all around the islands. They are called Rorbuer in Lofoten. If you want to stay there, choose for example this authentic Rorbu in the fishing village Svolvær – in the middle of Lofoten. Check the best prices and the availability here.

#3 Hotel-Igloo, Alta (northern Norway)

Hotel Igloo Sorrisniva is a unique hotel, fully made out of ice and snow. Every year, it’s constructed from scratch in a different theme, and its size is 2000 m². It’s located in Alta, in northern Norway. 

Spending a night in an Igloo Hotel, where everything, including beds, lights, and even a “fireplace” is made out of ice, is an extraordinary experience. But don’t worry! You get plenty of warm covers to keep you warm at night! Guests of the hotel Igloo Sorrisniva have also access to the other building, where there is a lounge area, dining area, bathrooms, and a sauna.  Check prices and availability here. 

#4 Wooden cabin with jacuzzi in the Lyngen Alps (northern Norway, near Tromsø)

If you’re planning a trip to northern Norway, near Tromsø, you need to visit the Lyngen Alps. The beautiful sharp mountains are rising from the fjords offering breathtaking views and a lot of hiking opportunities. This is also one of the best places in Norway for off-piste skiing.

I can recommend staying in the Lyngen Alps in a traditional wooden cabin with a fireplace and jacuzzi. That’s what we did and we loved it! Unfortunately, the place I stayed at is not available anymore, but there is plenty of similar places like this one located on top of the hill with a perfect view of the Northern Light. Check availability and prices here.

Another time, in the Lyngen Alps, we stayed in a farm house. We spent Easter there (it was already snowy), and really felt like at home. The name of the place is Solheim Fritidsgård. You can see how pretty the view from there is in the photos below! Check prices and availability here. 

If you’re looking for apartments closer to Tromsø city, check out this sea view apartment.

We also stayed in a wooden house on an island near Tromso, Kvaløya (15 min drive to Tromsø) with a fireplace and a view of the water.  Kvaløya is a perfect location for watching northern lights as it’s out of the city lights. Especially for bigger groups, you can check out this spacious place with a cozy interior and sauna. Check the prices and availability here. 

And if you’re in Tromsø, don’t forget to visit Senja!

Solheim Fritidsgård 

#5 Malangen Resort – northern Norway

Malangen Resort is a high-quality hotel, located a little bit south of Tromsø. It’s an ideal place for relaxing, watching the Northern Lights, meeting reindeer, and being out in nature. We rented there a small apartment just by the water with the mountain view. I didn’t want to leave from there. The hotel also offers a sauna and jacuzzi with a view. Check prices and availability. 

Malangen Resort

#6 Cabin in the ski resort Gaustablikk, Telemark

The cabin in the Gaustablikk area is perfect for ski enthusiasts, but not only. The area in Gaustablikk, near the most famous mountain in southern Norway, Gaustatoppen, and the mountain town Rjukan, is worth a visit. It’s located high on the plateau, which means colder conditions than in other places. From the top of Gaustatoppen, you can see 1/6 of Norway in good weather, and Rjukan offers a lot of activities, including famous ice climbing in Norway. Don’t forget to go into the Gaustablikk sauna and take a dip in the frozen lake if you’re there in winter!

I haven’t specifically stayed in this cabin, as I stayed in another one, rented for a year (currently not available), but it was very similar. And this view!

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#7 Budget red cottage in the Sunnmore Alps with a view

If you’re visiting (one of my favorite parts of Norway) Sunnmøre Alps and Hjørundfjorden with the spectacular mountains rising up to 1,700 meters straight from the sea, I can recommend stopping in Sæbø. In this little town surrounded by the mountains and the fjord, stay in Hustadnes Fjordhytter. Cottages are clean and cute, they have a private terrace and you can even rent a hot tub with the mountain view. For the small 4-people cottage we paid 350 NOK. Check availability and prices here.

#8 Traditional fisherman cabin with a view

Near Kristiansund, you can find Vikaneset Havhotell, where you can rent a traditional fisherman cabin with a view of the fjord.

It’s an ideal place for everyone who loves nature, but also for everyone interested in fishing. The hotel can provide you with fishing rods and you can try to fish even from your terrace. There is also a sauna that you can use for free. Check prices and availability here. 

#9 Traditional wooden Norwegian cabin in Nesbyen

I stayed in the traditional cabin in Norway a few years ago for New Year’s Eve. The area was full of snow and it looked like a winter fairytale. This was during our winter Norway road trip – you can find our Norway winter itinerary by clicking on the link. The cabin was located by the river and the place was very peaceful and relaxing. The whole area around Nesbyen was very peaceful, even though it offers great skiing opportunities. Here is an example of the traditional cabin you can stay at. 

Click here to book and check the prices and availability.

#10 Hobbit cabin in Norway

Have you ever dreamt of staying in the Hobbit cabin? Now you can! You can experience a visit to a different world, located far away, in the Shire. It’s a perfect place to relax, and perfect for a romantic weekend.

Inside the cabin, you will find a cozy wooden interior, double bed, sitting and dining area, mini kitchen, fireplace, and a bathroom. It has a very clever design. With the property, you also get another building where you have a big fridge and freezer with storage space, as well as a woodshed and outdoor fire pit. There is also a ski slope nearby, and a lake for fishing.

Girl in front of Hobbit cabin in Norway


Hobbit cabin in Norway window

Other places to stay in Norway

If you’re looking for other types of places to stay in Norway, have a look below.

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Which cabin in Norway is your favourite? 

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