25 Sustainable Gifts for Travelers – Eco-Friendly Gifts Guide

Do you or your friends and family love traveling as much as they love the world we live in? Well, luckily, no need to choose. In this post, I show you examples of easy and useful eco-friendly gifts that will make your friends and the Earth equally happy. Let’s have happiness overload with sustainable gifts this festive season! Check out the awesome, cool, and trendy list of eco-friendly travel products for every budget. 

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This year, I’ve decided to limit the number of unnecessary things, not only given by me but also received. As a part of sustainable travel and becoming a more responsible traveler, I strive to generate less waste and also own fewer things, reducing the ones that I don’t need.

I started making a list of eco-friendly travel products, that I would like to receive and give to others. Then, I thought I could also share the list with you, so you can make your loved ones, as well as the Earth, happier 😉 I added a few items, which I already use and love, in case you don’t have them yet. 

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Luckily, it is not very difficult to find sustainably made eco-friendly travel products nowadays. It does require some effort, though. Since you are here, you have it easier, as I did all the research for you. Dive into the list and find some fun eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones (or yourself – I’m getting some of these for sure ;-)).

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Wall art with some beautiful travel landscapes is a perfect gift for every travel lover. It’s not your typical product from the eco-friendly gift list, but it falls under the category. Made only with paper, print paint, wood, and glass, it is as sustainable as it can be.

There’s nothing better than looking at inspiring travel photos hanging on your wall and planning the next trips. If you like any of my travel photos (check my portfolio here), now you can buy them as prints, wall art (and more) on Society6 and FineArtAmerica. It is still a work in progress, as I have a lot of photos, but if you like any particular one from my blog and would like to order it as a print, wall art, or others, let me know and I’ll upload it there, just for you.

Find some of my affordable travel photography prints, art, and more here:


Yes, you’ve heard that right. Why create more waste when buying new shoes, if you can have the ones made out of recycled plastic? Tropic Feel Jungle travel shoes that I have (and love!) are made from 7 recycled plastic bottles and recycled EVA. They are water friendly, so you can swim in them, versatile for any terrain, super lightweight, and packable. Thanks to that they also allow you to reduce the number of different types of shoes you take with you for holidays, travel light and save money. Check them out here. 


When traveling, there is always something that needs additional wrapping. Either food from a market or some snacks for the long bus trip. Putting them in single-use plastic bags is annoying, as they tear and need replacement. It is also not a very eco-friendly solution. Instead, you can use reusable silicone bags. Free from harmful chemicals, light, dishwasher safe, and good for the environment. Sturdy and light, they will withstand all the wear and tear from traveling. And I can assure you, everyone will find them useful. Buy reusable silicone bags here.

Shop for silicone packing containers here



Perfect for traveling to reduce the amount of single-use cups you might need on the way. Think of coffee to go or even water or wine on the plane. This collapsible travel cup is light and packs small, BPA-free has a leak-proof lid and a straw. It is safe and sustainable. The cup is made from food-grade silicone and recyclable materials. Win for you and win for the environment. I’ve bought one cup for myself and more for my friends because they keep asking where mine is from. Buy yours here.

Shop for a collapsible cup here:

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup | Reusable To Go Pocket Size Travel Cup With Straw – Buy here



The reusable water bottle became such a normal thing for me, that I don’t even remember how I could live without it. I have a few water bottles for different purposes and places. I prefer the stainless steel ones, as they keep the drink cold or warm for longer. 

Find the best water bottle:


Reusable tote bags are perfect for shopping, carrying additional items when traveling, or pretty much anything, really. I prefer the ones with fun designs, like these ones.

Shop for eco-friendly travel tote bags:


Have you ever needed to throw everything out from your backpack to find this one pair of socks? These compression packing cubes solve the problem – they organize your items, so you know where everything is and also compress your clothes, so they take less space. One of these sets is also waterproof. Score!

Find the best compression packing cubes:


Reduce the amount of single-use plastic cutlery and use this cute reusable one. It is made with 100% untreated bamboo, it’s completely recyclable and BPA-free. And if you have limited space – take Spork instead.
 Shop reusable cutlery here:



Instead of using plastic bottles of shampoo, I recommend using the shampoo bar. It’s perfect for traveling, as it weighs less, lasts for long and you don’t need to worry about the 100 ml limit for the liquids at the airports.

Buy shampoo bar here:
 Ethique Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar – Sustainable Shampoo with Grapefruit & Vanilla, Plastic Free, Soap Free, Vegan, Plant Based, 100% Compostable, and Zero Waste – Buy here

carry on packing list traveling light - traveling in USA
Traveling me with a reusable tote bag.


Similar to the shampoo, one of the best and easiest eco-friendly travel products is a soap set. It replaces the plastic bottles of shower gel, lasts for longer, and doesn’t need to follow limits for liquids at the airports.

Buy natural soap here:



Using traditional toothpaste in plastic tubes contributes to plastic waste in the environment. And the chemicals that are inside that toothpaste are not always necessarily good for you. Instead, have a look at the natural toothpaste in the jar or toothy tabs. They are made from natural ingredients, eco-friendly and healthier alternatives to traditional toothpaste. Buy it here.

Find the eco-friendly travel toothpaste here:


A perfect replacement for the plastic toothbrush, a bamboo toothbrush is naturally antibacterial and even looks better. Buy yours here.




Replace single-use makeup remover pads and chemicals. These reusable pads remove makeup just with water. They take less space and weight, too!

Buy them here: 20 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads with laundry bag and box for storage – Buy here





For the times when you need to travel with liquids, you can take refillable toiletry bottles with you. They are eco-friendly travel products that will be useful every time when a traveler is going through security at the airport. TSA approved and leakproof, BPA free, and made from silicone, not plastic.

Get them here: Travel Bottles TSA Approved Leak Proof, FORTGESCHE BPA Free 3 OZ Silicone Squeeze Refillable Leakproof Travel Size Cosmetic Toiletries, Containers Accessories for Shampoo Lotion Liquids(6 Pack)




Organic and natural “berries” that are a laundry soap perfect to use for the laundry. Ideal for traveling.

Buy them here: NaturOli Soap Nuts/Soap Berries. 1-Lb USDA Organic (240 Loads) 






Bee wax wraps are a great alternative to plastic foil and single-use wrapping packaging, especially for food. They are sustainable and reusable, using natural jojoba oil, without any synthetics or chemicals. They look so cute, too!

Get them here: Bee’s Wrap – Assorted Set of 3 




Every traveler knows that, unfortunately, the quality of water is not the same everywhere around the world. It’s good to be prepared for it. Instead of keep buying bottled water and generating more and more plastic waste, the solution is to use a filter water bottle or a filter device. It’s also a perfect gift for hikers and outdoor lovers, so they don’t have to carry a heavy water supplies with them to the wilderness. 

Find the best water filtration system:


Another option is to forget about things and give experiences instead. That way, you can be sure to make your loved ones, who love traveling, happy. Nobody will say no, to the new adventure. You can check a list of tours on Get your Guide and Viator. You can also check Tinggly experiences. When choosing experiences, remember to be a responsible traveler and only choose the ones that don’t harm animals or the environment. 


How to be more ECO when buying Eco-friendly travel gifts?

Buy in bulk

If you decide to order something online, buy in bulk. It will save on unnecessary packaging for the parcels and shipping.

Quality over quantity

Think twice if the gift you want to give will be useful for someone else. Sometimes it’s better to buy less but more meaningful gifts that will last for longer.

Wrap your gifts sustainability 

Wrapping gifts is fun and it can be done in a sustainable way. Think recycled paper or old paper bags decorated in a fun way. Some people also wrap their gifts in the newspapers. Use your imagination!

Buy items without plastic packaging 

Focus on creating less waste with the packaging of the products you buy. Look for recycled or recyclable materials, preferably the ones that biodegrade fast (hint: not plastic).

Buy sustainable gifts without harmful ingredients

Look for eco-friendly travel products with no parabens, no BPA, and no toxins.

Don’t buy things at all

Replace store-bought things with experiences or hand-made items. Get your loved ones a trip of a lifetime, a plane ticket, a hotel stay, or some cool activities instead. This is the favorite way of gift-giving and receiving for me and Alex – we always give each other experiences or trips to nice places, which we can both enjoy!

Buy locally

If you can, buy locally and support local businesses.

What eco-friendly travel gifts do you have on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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Eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for travelers for every budget. Eco-friendly gifts and products for travelers, so your friends and the Earth can all be happy ;-) Eco-friendly gift ideas for women and men, with sustainable wrapping, eco-friendly gifts for Christmas for him and her | Worldering around #sustainable #ecofriendly #gifts #christmas #travel
A fun list of sustainable gifts for travelers for every budget. Eco-friendly gifts and products for travelers, so your friends and the Earth can all be happy ;-) Eco-friendly gift ideas for women and men, with sustainable wrapping, eco-friendly gifts for Christmas for him and her | Worldering around #sustainable #ecofriendly #gifts #christmas #travel
Inspirational list of 25 eco-friendly gifts for men and women. Sustainable gifts for travelers for every budget. Eco-friendly gifts and products for travelers, so your friends and the Earth can all be happy ;-) Eco-friendly gift ideas for women and men, with sustainable wrapping, eco-friendly gifts for Christmas for him and her | Worldering around #sustainable #ecofriendly #gifts #christmas #travel

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