Portable Travel Wifi Review – Pros and Cons + Discount Code

Have you ever used portable travel Wifi? I’ve just tested one on my recent trip to South America. Have a look at the pros and cons of travelling with a mobile hotspot!

The way we travel keeps changing. From the paper maps to mobile devices, we start to rely more and more on electronic gadgets and, what usually comes with them, the Internet.

I still remember times when I was hitch-hiking across Europe with just a simple mobile (not even a smartphone!), and some map print outs. It worked fine, but it surely was more difficult. With the abundance of gadgets that help us travel better nowadays, we can breeze through the difficulties that the old-school traveller encounters on his way. 

Whoever travels often, especially out of Europe or enjoying outdoors, knows that the Internet can be hard to find in some places in the world. And those times, when we travel in an unknown country, are the times when we might need the Internet the most.

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Internet on the road

One of the essential items for smooth and problem-free travel is access to the Internet. There might be many reasons why you would need Internet on the road – to research the places you travel too, to use online navigation services, online translation systems (if you don’t speak the local language), booking portals, for backing up photos (I wish I did it in Madagascar!), ordering Uber/reliable taxi, communicating with your Couchsurfing host in a new city or just contact your family or share your stories on social media.

Whereas for European citizens it is relatively easy to use their local mobile internet providers in other countries in Europe, things get more complicated the further you go. In some countries to get a local SIM card you need to be a resident or go through a long and pricey process. To beat all of those problems, on my latest trip to South America, I decided to test the portable WiFi system Keepgo.

Disclaimer: I’ve received a complimentary portable wifi hotspot from Keepgo to test and to submit an honest review. As always, all opinions in this text are my own, and I share with you good and bad points of the reviewed items.

Portable Travel WiFi

The tiny Keepgo portable travel wifi allows you to connect several items to the WiFi hotspot from anywhere in the world (you can find the exact list of countries on their website).

The device is made by Huawei and is very light and small, so it can easily fit in your pocket. You don’t need to worry about swapping SIM cards every time you enter a new country and you always have access to WiFi, which is important especially in emergency situations.

How does it work?

In order to connect to Wifi, you need to turn the device on and wait for the lights to turn green. After that, find a Wifi hotspot on your phone and connect to it, using the password provided to you.

portable wifi hotspot

What you can use the portable wifi hotspot for?

On our recent trip to Ecuador, we used the portable wifi hotspot for the first time. We used it to check the Uber/taxi prices to not to get scammed by the taxi mafia, to contact people through Whatsapp, to check the route in the unknown city when the offline maps were not working correctly and other things!


  • Convenient 
  • Access to the Internet in many countries around the world
  • Light and small
  • Rechargeable
  • You can connect several devices at once


  • It cost money – not having the internet is definitely cheaper, but you pay for convenience.
  • It might not work everywhere (for example, we struggled in some places in Galapagos). The internet works off the internet providers in a specific country, so the range depends on them.

Discount code

I partnered with Keepgo, to offer you a discount code for the order on their website. The discount is applied on the checkout and it works on anything!

To get the discount, click here, order the product and put the code below during the checkout for 10% off your order:


You can also find them on Amazon:

Keepgo Global Lifetime 4G/LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot for Europe, Asia & The Americas + 1GB Credit  – Check the price here.

Keepgo Global Lifetime 4G LTE Data SIM Card for Europe, Asia & The Americas + 1GB Credit – Check the price here.


Would you like to use the mobile hotspot and take it with you for your travels? Have you used any before? Let me know in the comments!

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    thank you for sharing your experiences about using our product and services. We at Keepgo hope you enjoyed them and your trip as well.
    I like your article, especially that you explain how the hotspot works – a useful tip ?

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