The Best Things To Do In Senja, Norway – A Unique Island In The North

What are the highlights of Senja Island in Norway? Sharp peaks plummetting down into the sea, white sand beaches, and islands dotted in the turquoise water. Find out what places to see in Senja and what are the best things to do in Senja in Norway.

The best things to do on Senja Norway

Bursting with beauty, Senja island in Norway is one of the places (another one is Svalbard), worth a trip beyond the Arctic Circle.

There are many reasons why you should visit Senja Island. The combination of stunning landscapes, similar to the more popular Lofoten islands, but with a lower number of tourists, makes it a very tempting destination for all outdoor adventure lovers. Sure that, we loved it too!

You can just drive around, stop anywhere, start walking and you can be sure to find wonderful views. There are, however, highlights that you don’t want to miss.  Senja is also home to one of the best hikes in NorwayHesten with a view to Segla.

Have a look at where to discover the diverse landscape of “Norway in miniature” and go wild in Senja.



 The National Tourist Route in Senja Island in Norway is 102 km long and it passes through some of the most beautiful parts of the island. The top sights on Senja on the National Tourist Route include the places mentioned below.

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2. Step on the tiny island of Husøy

This tiny island with a fishing town is a picturesque place in the north of Senja, located in the middle of Øyfjord. The island is inhabited only by a few hundred people.

On Husøy you can find one of the most active fishing communities on Senja, together with pretty wooden Norwegian houses. The views of the island from the road above, and from the island towards the opening of the fjord are spectacular. In the past, the only way to get to the island was by boat, now Husøy is connected to the Senja with a tunnel.

Husøy island on Senja, Norway
Husøy island on Senja, Norway
The view from Husøy island, Senja, Norway
The view from Husøy island, Senja, Norway

3. Visit the famous beach Ersfjordstranda and a famous toilet!

This famous beach with no less famous toilet building (yes, really) is located in the inner part of the Ersfjord. Full of fine, white sand and surrounded by green jaggy mountains brings to mind a combination of landscapes from different countries. The gold-plated toilet facility on the beach car park designed by a skilled architect is an attraction by itself, featured on the Senja brochures all over Norway.

Near Ersjordstranda, there is also a perfect area for wild camping. You can camp anywhere on the grass on the left side of the beach. There are picnic tables and a toilet facility for you to use.

Ersfjordstranda beach, Senja, Norway
Ersfjordstranda beach, Senja, Norway
The famous toilet facility, Ersfjordstranda beach, Senja, Norway
The famous toilet facility, Ersfjordstranda Beach, Senja, Norway

4. Admire views from Tungeneset

Tungeneset is a wooden walkway leading to the striking view. The walkway overlooks the sharp Oksen mountain and the crashing waves of the North Sea. The bright colors of the larch wood contrast well with the dark stones and deep green peaks on the horizon.

The view somehow reminded me of the Jurassic Park movie (where are the dinos though?). The rocks by the shore create a flat surface that collects the seawater and, in the calm weather, acts as a mirror reflecting the peaks in the background.

Tungeneset, Senja island, Norway
View to Tungeneset, Senja, Norway
Tungeneset, Senja, Norway
Reflections in Tungeneset, Senja, Norway

5. Look out from the Bergsbotn viewing platform

This 44-meter-long viewing platform overlooks the waters of the Bergsfjord and the mountains around. The platform is located along the windy route up the hill. You can stop in the car park and look down at the enchanting landscape.

Bergsbotn platfrom, Senja, Norway


It’s almost impossible to come to Senja and not try some of the great Senja hiking trails. There are tons of possibilities for hiking on Senja, from short and easy coastal walks to more difficult hikes involving scrambling. Some of my favorite hikes on Senja are below.

6. Walk the most picturesque Senja hike – the Hesten hike

This is the best hike on Senja if you want to see the famous view over Segla on Senja, like the one below. The hike is not very long, but at the top, it gets more exposed. It is also a great place to pitch your tent and try some wild camping with spectacular views. You can find more information about this Segla view hike here.

View to Segla mountain on Senja island, Norway
View of Segla Mountain on Senja Island, Norway

7. Climb onto Segla hike

Once you are in the area, you can also climb the Segla mountain itself. Even though you won’t be able to see the view to Segla, standing on it, there are still pretty amazing views to be had from the top. You can find more info about hiking Segla here.

On top of Hesten, Senja
On top of Hesten, Senja

9. Try a Husfjellet hike

The hike to Husfjellet is a very picturesque walk with wonderful views on both sides of the mountain. During the trek, you cross through a small forest and then you go up to the open space. Unfortunately, when we were there, the peak was in a thick cloud, so we didn’t see much on the other side.

10. Go on a gentle walk on the Russehula hike

The Russehula hike is a gentle walk by the coast, leading to the historic cave. The Russehula cave has been named after the Russian explorers who invaded this part of the Norwegian coast in the XIII century.

You start the hike from Mefjordvær village and continue along the coast. During the whole duration of this Senja hike, you can admire the wonderful views of the mountains from one side and the open sea to the other.

Russehula hike on Senja, Norway
View from the Russehula cave.
View from the Russehula hike, Senja, Norway
View from the Russehula hike, Senja, Norway

11. Check out Sukkertoppen hike – and a viewing platform in between

This short hike offers great views of Hamn i Senja resort and the surrounding coastline. We haven’t actually made it to the top of Sukkertoppen, as the weather was quite wet. However, around one-third of the way, there is a viewing point, worth hiking up to.

It’s a very easy and short walk, starting from the car park near the Hamn i Senja resort, or alternatively on the other side of the mountain (there are signs). From the viewing point, you can see a beautiful panorama of the Bergsoyan archipelago dotted around the turquoise waters. Are you in some tropical islands or Norway? 😉


12. Ånderdalen National park

Full of pine tree forests, wetlands, and lakes, the Ånderdalen National Park is perfect for gentle strolls filled with singing birds and the scent of the forest. The picturesque drive to the park from the north of the island will take you through the empty land with beautiful views.

We traveled there in June and getting out of the tunnel brought us into another world, full of winter.

Ånderdalen National park, Senja, Norway
reindeer in Senja island in Norway

13. Senja Troll Park

Once home to the biggest Troll in the world, after a recent fire, a troll center still holds a small exhibition about the trolls. It is worth a stop on the way for some sweets in a traditional wooden house.

Senja Troll Park Norway
Senja Troll Park Norway

14. The little beach

One of my favorite spots while driving in Senja was a little beach, that we found while driving around. The tranquil feeling and the peacefulness of the area made it a perfect place to relax.

senja island beach norway
things to do in senja norway like vietnam

15. Hamn I Senja

Hamn i Senja is a holiday resort on Senja island, located not far from Hamn. Its location is very picturesque and it’s worth a stop, even if only for a coffee. Hamn i Senja offers sea cottages just by the fjord, and new apartments, as well as activities and local food in their restaurant overlooking the marina. Check prices and availability here.

Hamn I Senja, Senja island in Norway
Hamn I Senja, Senja island in Norway
View from Hamn I Senja, Senja island in Norway
View from Hamn I Senja, Senja island in Norway


16. Admire the midnight sun (summer)

In the summer, above the Arctic circle, which is also where Senja is located in Northern Norway, you can admire the phenomenon of the midnight sun. That’s when the sun doesn’t set below the horizon and it’s bright during the night.

I love that time! Especially since you can go hiking in the middle of the night, if you like to 🙂

17. Watch out for the dancing Northern Lights (winter)

However, in winter, another amazing thing appears in the sky – the Northern Lights. Northern Norway is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway, and Senja is one of them. There is even an Aurora Borealis observatory there.

18. Go on a husky sledding ride

Another fun activity on Senja in winter is going on a husky sled ride. I’ve tried dog sledding in Norway before and is such a fun sport (when done in an ethical way).

19. Go on a kayak in between little islands and paddle on the turquoise water

Senja is a paradise for kayakers. There are many little islands and islets to paddle around, where the water is calm and clear.

20. Go for a swim

Another option for fun summer activity on Senja is just going for a swim. With many beautiful beaches, it’s a no brainer, but keep in mind that the water can be really cold!

22. Try local food

When you are in Norway, you need to try some local food. The obvious one is salmon. But there is also “pølse” – sausage, Norwegian waffles, brown cheese, and dried cod.

22. Cycle around the island

With stunning views, many bends, and nice downhills (including not-so-nice uphills), as well as relatively gentle traffic, Senja is perfect for a cycling holiday. Just remember to take a lot of waterproof layers!

23. Look at the farming of salmon

Senja is one of the places where salmon is farmed, so while you hike the island landscapes, look out onto the water for the salmon farms.


How to travel in Senja?

Senja is best to be explored by car. The roads are good and it’s easy to just stop somewhere and go hiking or enjoy a picnic. I recommend checking the car rental prices through the price comparison tool such as rentalcars. We always do that to try to find the best deal for the dates that we plan to travel. You can check the available cars, prices, and dates here.

Where to stay in Senja

Accommodation in Senja ranges from wild camping spots to prepared campsites to nice hotels, guesthouses, or apartments.

Hotels in Senja

Camping near Segla in Senja. Norway

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Would you like to visit Senja in Norway? Which place would be on top of your list? Do you have any other favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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