Hike to Trollpikken Norway – Interesting Rock Formation in Magma Geopark

Trollpikken, Norway is one of the most controversial and interestingly looking rock formations in Norway. Here you can find tips on how to do the Trollpikken hike in Norway to see this famous place.

Trollpikken Norway

When I first heard of the Trollpikken hike in Norway, it wasn’t actually because of the media-covered accident in 2017. I wasn’t living in Norway yet when that happened. The news also was easier to hear in Stavanger, which is located closer to the landmark than Oslo is.

A place that got (some sort of) fame for being destroyed and then re-erected (no pun intended) again with the efforts of the local community in Egersund.

But when the banana-shaped (uhm ;-)) rock created by the ice over 10,000 years ago came to my attention, I knew I need to visit. For science, of course. After, all I am a geologist.

Apart from the scientific interests, the Trollpikken hike is also a nice idea for a short trip with pretty views and interesting experiences – if one likes funny-shaped rocks, it is. I would call it an unusual place and I included it in my list of 30 best hikes in Norway.

Climbing on top of Trollpikken, Norway
Climbing on top of Trollpikken, Norway
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The Trollpikken in Norway (which literally means the “Troll’s Cock” or “Troll’s Spike“), is a rock formation, that sticks out of the face of the cliff for the length of 12 meters. 

The rock itself is called an anorthosite, and you can find this type of rock all over the area. Anorthosite has been formed by magma (melted lava), approximately 1 billion years ago. Huge numbers, huh? The same type of rock can also be found on the moon. No need to go that far, just come to Norway.

Trollpikken was moved by the ice during the latest ice age and dropped to the position that we can find it today. 

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View to Trollpikken, Norway
View to Trollpikken, Norway


The location of Trollpikken hike

Trollpikken can be found in the Geomagma park near Egersund, in Eigersund municipality in Norway. It’s relatively easy to get there from Stavanger. From Oslo, it takes a little bit longer, but the trip can be combined with the Kjeragbolten hike.

There is a dedicated Trollpikken car park for the hike, that costs 100 NOK. You can pay by using the machine or Vipps. There are also some toilets.

Trollpikken Map

Magma Geopark with Trollpikken, Norway
Magma Geopark with Trollpikken, Norway

The Trollpikken hike details

The Trollpikken hike is relatively short and easy. The trail is 1,9 km one way and it leads mainly through the grassy area with some boulders around. The boulders are the stones that have been lifted, carried, and left in place by the ice during the last ice age.

There are some signs of the path on the low level, where there is a lot of bog, but the marked trail leads slightly around, through the small hills. It is all doable and manageable by anyone even without good fitness levels.

The hike takes around 1 hour – 1,5-hour return.

The Trollpikken hike is marked with blue signs on the rocks, trees or arrows and it’s easy to follow.

The Trollpikken hike directions

The hike starts from the Trollpikken car park. It then continues for a few hundred meters along the main road until it turns into Kjervallbakken street. After crossing the gate, you will see the big information plate about the Geomagma Park and more information about Trollpikken (or “troll di*k”, which is how the name has been translated from Norwegian to English…).

After the information plate, you need to keep right and follow a wide gravel road until you reach a sign pointing to Trollpikken. Take the path downhill. Follow the trail across the fence. Make sure you use the steps provided for crossing the fence and do not open the gate or make sure you close it behind you if you do open it. The fence is there to keep the grazing animals.

Then, follow the trail along the wooden path over the boggy area. Turn left after the bridge (there are signs) and look out for the blue marks. After you reach the small pond you will see the Trollpikken in front of you. You then need to go around the lake and here you are. Trollpikken and the wind farms in the background will welcome you.

Take the same way back.

Trollpikken hike trail
Trollpikken hike trail

Can you climb Trollpikken?

Yes, you can climb Trollpikken, but be careful. Even though the rock formation was reconstructed after being broken, it is still part of nature and accidents can happen.

To go on top of Trollpikken, stand on the left side of it (while looking directly at it from the front) and crawl under a big boulder. Then, you need to climb on top of the rock. This is the easiest way to get up. You can see the entrance on the photo below.

Entrance to go up Trollpikken
Entrance to go up Trollpikken

According to the authorities, the Trollpikken hike is done by 25 000 people in a year. I wouldn’t call it massively popular compared to other hikes in Norway, like for example Kjeragbolten (which can still be done without the crowds!). Many people still don’t even know it exists, so it is still kind of a Norway hidden gem. I’ve only seen three cars in the car park that were leaving when we arrived. When I went to the rock, there were only two Norwegian girls walking at the same time. When they left, I was left alone with the famous local landmark.

The view to the Trollpikken in the Magma park, Norway

Is the Trollpikken hike worth it?

Definitely. Not every day you can see the monument like this, naturally made by the forces of nature. The surrounding area is pretty, too! And less than a 4 km return hike? It’s probably not even the recommended 10,000 steps you should take a day. So, no excuses!

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Have you heard about Trollpikken hike in Norway? Would you like to do it yourself? Or maybe you’ve already done it? Let me know in the comments!

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