Trollveggen Troll Wall Norway – Hike To The Highest Vertical Wall In Europe

Did you know that you can hike on top of the most famous wall in Norway? The Trollveggen, Troll Wall, is the tallest vertical overhanging rock face in Europe. There are several hiking routes that lead to the edge of Troll Wall,  such as Stabbeskaret. Have a look at how to hike there yourself! 


Trollveggen Troll Wall

Trollveggen (Troll Wall) is the highest vertical rock face in Europe. Measuring about 1,100 meters from the base to the summit of its highest point, it towers above the Romsdalen valley.

The jagged peaks on top of the Troll Wall are meant to represent petrified Trolls. And they really looked like that. Especially in the cloudy, misty weather that we had during our hike. You can find trolls all over Norway. We have Troll Road, Troll Tongue, Troll Spike, and many more. 

For many climbers and base jumpers, it is a high (literally) goal to climb or jump from the top. There has also been a part of the history of the wall written by Polish climbers. Wanda Rutkiewicz and Halina Krüger-Syrokomska were the first women to climb the east side of the wall and Wojciech Kurtyka did the first winter climb of the northern part. 

But even if you are not a climber, you can still get close to the Troll Wall and look a kilometer down to the valley. It is a place that you will never forget, and one of the best hikes in Norway.

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Trollveggen Troll Wall hike

There are several routes that will take you close to Trollveggen. The most known ones are Stabbeskaret, Bruraskaret, Store Trolltind and Nordre Trolltind. Some are harder than others. Especially the hike to Store Trolltind requires knowledge of climbing and proper equipment. This is the highest point along the Troll Wall at 1788 meters.

The hike that I chose to do is Stabbeskaret, which is also one of the best viewpoints to the Troll Wall itself. I might try to hike to Nordre Trolltind next to see it from another side. 


View to Romsdalen from Troll Wall
View to Romsdalen from Troll Wall

Stabbeskaret hike details

Length: 5 km one way

Time: 2,5 hour one way

Difficulty: Red (challenging)

Starting point: Near Trollstigen – Troll Road.

Return: the same way.

Highest point: Stabbeskaret 1420 meters.

Elevation difference: 800 m

Troll Road Trollstigen
Troll Road Trollstigen
Trail to Stabbeskaret
Trail to Stabbeskaret

Hike to Stabbeskaret

I would say that this hike can be done by anyone who is relatively fit. You might need to take more time, but you should be able to do it. It’s not very strenuous, but there are parts that involve crossing scree, and they might be quite tiring. Navigating your way on and around big boulders and smaller rocks requires focus and good balance.

Trail to hike to Stabbeskaret

Beginning of the Troll Wall hike

The route starts from the famous Troll Road, Trollstigen. Just before the last viewing platform, you can see a turn to the right and the arrow with Stabbeskaret’s name written on it. The path then follows steeply up, until it reaches the waterfall. Then, it flattens out for a little bit, to then cross onto the big rock field. The path is marked with red paint.

Map of Stabbeskaret hike.
Beginning of Troll Wall Hike
Beginning of Troll Wall Hike
View to Troll Road
View to Troll Road

After going up, you reach several small lakes. There usually is still snow there, that you need to cross, but only a small patch. This is where the jagged parts of Trollveggen start to show up in the distance.

After that, the path goes straight and then down. The last part is the climb on big rocks to reach the edge of the Trollveggen.

A view to Trollveggen, Norway
A view to Trollveggen, Norway

On Top Of The Troll Wall 

The view down to Romsdalen valley is spectacular and the feeling of looking down from the vertical cliff is exhilarating. On your left, you can see the highest parts of Trollveggen. This is where Store Trolltinded is located at the height of 1788 meters.

On the other side of the valley, you can notice Romsdalseggen, one of the most beautiful hikes in Norway.

I hike a lot of high mountains with viewpoints located at the edge, and I do not have fear of heights. My trips often include Via Ferrata, or crossing hanging bridges. I confidently walked on Trolltunga and stood on one leg on Kjeragbolten. And yet, Troll Wall was probably the first place in Norway, when I felt my legs tingling while I was posing for photos on the edge. 

The Troll Wall overwhelms with its impressiveness. It’s like you step into a different world, the world of Trolls, and mighty mountains. An unforgettable place to visit.  

View to Romsdalen from Trollveggen, Norway
View to Romsdalen from Trollveggen, Norway
On top of Trollveggen
On top of Trollveggen

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Would you like to hike  Troll Wall? Or maybe you’ve already had? Let me know in the comments!

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