Where To Stay in Oslo – Best Hotels in Oslo + Oslo Districts Explained

Since I moved to Norway’s capital a few years ago, one of the most common questions I get is where to stay in Oslo and what are the best hotels in Oslo worth considering. The truth is, Oslo accommodation can be a little confusing, and cheap hotels are quite hard to find. But fear not, I created this guide for you where you can find plenty of information about Oslo hotels, whether you look for hostels, boutique hotels, or others. I also cover which neighborhood in Oslo to stay in, describing the main ones, so you can choose yourself. 

Where to stay in Oslo, how to choose the best hotel in Oslo

After living in Oslo for several years and traveling here before settling down, I do have quite a good knowledge of where to stay in Oslo. This includes a description of Oslo districts, as well as the top hotels in Oslo, together with cheap Oslo accommodation, suitable for traveling in Norway on a budget (at least, sort of). 

I’ve included here some of my personal favorites, as well as recommendations from my friends and travelers who were visiting the Norwegian capital.

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Most travelers visiting Norway on a budget, look for affordable accommodation in Oslo. Due to relatively high prices of pretty much everything, Norway doesn’t have a good reputation for a budget traveler. There are, however, a few cheap hotels in Oslo worth looking at. This includes some of the cool Oslo hostels.

Anker Hostel in Oslo

Anker Hostel is the most popular Oslo hostel and also the cheapest hostel in Oslo. The location is quite central, although a bit further than the other ones. The prices for beds in the dormitory rooms start from around 230 NOK. They get booked quickly, so remember to book them in advance! Anker Hostel is the best place to stay in Oslo for a budget traveler. 

 To the cost of accommodation, you need to also add linen (50 NOK). 

Check the best prices and book a stay in the Anker Hostel in Oslo here.

Saga Poshtel Central Hostel in Oslo

Another budget hotel in Oslo is Saga Poshtel in Oslo. This hostel is also centrally located, which is perfect for Oslo sightseeing. The bed prices start from around 370 NOK. The hotels get some of the best reviews from travelers and provide a very good breakfast.

Check the best prices and book a stay in the Saga Poshtel in Oslo here.

Club 27

Club 27 is another cheap stay in Oslo. With the bed prices in dormitories starting from 350 NOK with free cancellation, this Oslo hotel is worth looking at. The location is central, near the Gronland area, close to the park and train station. This Oslo hostel also offers female-only dormitory rooms, which are a great option for solo female travelers, who do not want to share the room with the guys.

Check the best prices and book a stay in the Club 27 Hostel in Oslo here.

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim

This youth hostel in Oslo is perfect for travelers who want to try some Oslo hiking trails, as it is located at the start of the hikes into the neighboring woodlands, 4 kilometers away from the city center. The Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim offers over 200 beds and creates a sense of community. Check the best prices and availability here. 


Oslo National Theatre

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If you are looking for a cute boutique hotel in Oslo, or Oslo bed and breakfast, you will find plenty of them in the city.

Oslo Guldsmeden

Oslo Guldsmeden is one of my favorite hotels in Oslo. The relaxing Balinese decor with Scandinavian accents, delicious whole food, and organic breakfast, emphasis on sustainability and eco-solutions, as well as great location make it one of the top places to stay in Oslo.

Check the best prices and book a stay in Oslo Guldsmeden hotel here.

Scandic hotels Oslo

The Nordic hotel chain is also present in the Norwegian capital. You can find Scandic hotels all over Oslo. They offer good quality rooms for an affordable price. My favorite is the Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel. It’s located near the famous Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump. Thanks to that it offers wonderful views of the city below. The building itself is worth looking at since it’s an example of traditional Norwegian architecture. 

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel Oslo, Norway
Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel Oslo
View from the Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo
View from the Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo


To be honest with you, I haven’t really stayed in a luxury hotel in Oslo myself. However, I have done my research and have heard a lot, especially about one of them.  

The Thief – the best luxury hotel in Oslo

The most famous and trendiest of the luxury hotels in Oslo is the Thief. The hotel is located on the edge of the fjord, in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Oslo. It features a spa and a gym. You can also expect a Nespresso machine in each room. From there, you only have a few steps to many pubs and restaurants, as well as one of the best places in Oslo to see the sunset from.

Check the best prices and availability for the Thief Hotel here.
Aker Brygge, Oslo, overlooking Oslo Fjord
Aker Brygge, Oslo, overlooking Oslo Fjord

Best Airbnb in Oslo

If you rather prefer to stay in an apartment in Oslo, you can check out Airbnb. Unfortunately, due to their cancellation fees, and other hidden fees like cleaning, it might be more expensive than booking.com, but sometimes you can find some interesting offers. 

Examples of Airbnb in Oslo: I can also recommend another vacation rental – VRBO, which is starting to get more popular in Europe, and beyond.  Here are some examples of VRBO properties in Oslo:

Other places to stay in Oslo and around

I’ve already covered the places where to stay in Oslo, which includes hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and apartments. What else is there? Well, there are a few more options to consider when looking for Oslo accommodation.


Camping in the city? Well, yes. It’s Norway, which means that nature and the city are very connected. This shows in the amount of Oslo hiking trails that allow you to go outdoors, as well as in the outdoor accommodation in Oslo.

Oslo has two main campsites, where you can pitch up your tent or a camper van. 

One of them is Ekeberg Camping, located close to the city. The other one is Bogstad Camping, which is a little bit further from the center, but still in Oslo.

Apart from the campsite, you can also try to do some wild camping.

Again, wild camping in the city? Not quite, but yes. Oslo is surrounded by forests, multiple lakes, and nature. In some places in the forests, you are able to camp. This also includes some of the islands on the Oslo fjord, such as Langøyene. There, you can camp for free. I recommend taking this Oslo fjord cruise for a taste of a fjord, or just hopping on a public ferry with an Oslo Pass ticket or a regular ride ticket. 

Just remember to abide by the camping rules, keep the area clean and leave no trace.

Wild camping on the beach

DNT cabins

I’ve written about DNT cabins, as well as camping also in the post on how to travel Norway on a budget, so head there for more information.

Some of the DNT cabins are also located in the forests around Oslo, which can make for a great place to stay if you want to visit the city and at the same time be closer to nature. There are tons of Oslo hiking possibilities around! You can check the cabins here.

Oslo Nordmarka, things to do in Oslo in winter, Norway winter
Oslo Nordmarka


Another place to stay in Oslo for a traveler is Couchsurfing. If you like interacting with people and don’t mind adjusting to their schedules, Couchsurfing is a great way of getting to know locals and staying in Oslo on a budget.


Oslo is divided into main districts or boroughs. For travelers visiting Oslo, there are three main areas of focus. The west side is a more expensive residential area, the east side – is industrial and filled with art and creativity, and the city center, which is called Sentrum, is located in between. 

Below, I include the main areas and neighborhoods where to stay in Oslo, which would be interesting for tourists. Of course, there is much more to Oslo than that, but other places are either located too far from the city center or it’s harder to get there with public transport.

Generally, and especially for your first visit to Oslo, I recommend staying in Oslo City Center or Grünerløkka (because it’s cool;-)). Especially when you look for where to stay in Oslo for one night – you want to be as close to the city center as possible. 

Mathallen Oslo


Oslo City Center is the area around the main street in Oslo – Karl Johans Gate, connecting the presidential palace with the Oslo central station. If you are looking for hotels near Oslo central station, this is the place to check. It’s a great location if you are planning to take some day trips from Oslo using public transport.

You can find there many shops, restaurants, and cafes. This is where the big street parade for the 17th of May takes place, or the biggest Christmas Market pops up in Oslo in winter

That’s also where the historical center of Oslo is located. You can hear it’s being called Kvadraturen because of the rectangular street pattern. The historical part stretches from Akershus Fortress and Karl Johans Gate to Jernbanetorget and Egertorget. 

Oslo City Center is a great area for finding some of the best Oslo accommodations, as it’s close to most of the Oslo attractions and always buzzing.  Below, you can find some of the recommended hotels in central Oslo. 

Where to stay in Oslo City Centre

Saga Poshtel Central Hostel in Oslo

Centrally located hostel with the bed prices starting from around 370 NOK, including a very good breakfast.

Check the best prices and book a stay in the Saga Poshtel in Oslo here.

Other recommended hotels in Oslo Sentrum

City Box Hotel  budget hotel in Oslo, located only 250 meters from the Oslo Central train station, which means that you are bang in the city center – perfect for exploring Oslo! Check availability and prices here.  

Hotel Christiania Teater – a well-rated boutique hotel in Oslo, set in the historic old theatre from 1918, with a beautiful interior and outstanding breakfast. Check availability and prices here.

Thon Hotel Oslo Opera  – 300 meters from Oslo Opera House and only 100 meters from Oslo Central Station, makes the location of this hotel perfect for exploring the city center of Oslo.  Excellent breakfast. Check price and availability here. 

Oslo Karl Johans Gate, Oslo Sentrum

Radhuset Oslo City Hall

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is one of the most famous areas amongst tourists in Oslo. The bustling boardwalk is filled with restaurants and shops, allowing for plenty of opportunities for al fresco dining (even in the colder weather – with outdoor heaters). On the side of Aker Brygge lies the City Hall and Nobel Peace Museum.

Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen, the new neighborhood just behind it, are one of the coolest places to stay in Oslo. If you are interested in architectural diversity and want to have breathtaking sea views across the pavement, this is the place for you. 

Where to stay in Aker Brygge

The Thief

The Thief, the luxury hotel in Oslo is worth splurging on if you want to make sure that you stay in the trendiest part of the city.

Check the best prices and availability for The Thief Oslo hotel.

Oslo Aker Brygge


Grünerløkka is the trendy Oslo neighborhood,  also called the “Oslo hipster area”. That’s the place to go for a chai latte in one of the chic cafes, to pick something up from a vintage store, or to walk along the river admiring old industrial buildings turned into apartments. Grünerløkka is a special place and a fun area to be in, as well as a great place to stay in Oslo. 

It is located around 3 km (25 min walk) away from the National Theatre (beginning of Karl Johans gate).

Where to stay in Grünerløkka

Scandic Vulkan

Located in the heart of Grünerløkka, by the Akerselva River, next to the Vulkan Concert Hall. Scandic Vulkan offers comfortable accommodation in Oslo for good prices.

Check the best prices for Scandic Vulkan here.

Anker Hostel 

Anker Hostel is located just across the river from Grünerløkka, in between the city center. That might be one of the reasons why it’s so popular. But also, because it’s cheap. 

Check the best prices and availability in the Anker Hostel in Oslo here.

vintage shops in Oslo Grünerløkka

Oslo Grünerløkka vintage shops


The Eastside of Oslo is still a little bit cheaper when it comes to eating and drinking than the west. 


Sørenga is a new Oslo neighborhood, stretching into the fjord, just next to the Opera House. It’s a popular place with swimmers in the summer months and a quiet area for staying in Oslo, close to the city center.

Where to stay in Sørenga

Wright Apartments – Sørenga Modern, bright apartments with great views and balconies. They are situated just a 10-minute walk away from Oslo Central Station, but thanks to their location they allow you to relax and avoid the hustle and bustle of the main streets while still being close to all the action. Check price and availability here.

Oslo Opera

Grønland and Tøyen 

A stone’s throw away from the Oslo Central Station, this multicultural area is a great place to go to when you want to travel in Norway on a budget. You will find there cheap places to eat and markets with international products.

Where to stay in Grønland

Club 27

Club 27  is a great Oslo hostel with affordable prices, and dormitory rooms, including female-only dormitory rooms. The bed prices in dormitories start from 350 NOK with free cancellation.

Check the best prices and book a stay in the Club 27 Hostel in Oslo here.  


In the past, the terms east and west sides of Oslo were used to distinguish the economic and social differences between areas in Oslo. Nowadays, it is not really the case, but the prices of houses and food are still higher in the western part of the city.


Majorstuen is a popular transport hub in Oslo with metro, tram, and buses, making it a busy area bustling with people and vehicles. It is also a good place for nightlife and shopping.


To the west from Majorstuen, lies Frogner. This is where the upper class used to live, which shows with the majestic buildings, and not-so-majestic (read “high”) prices. This is a place to stay if you have some more cash to spare. The main landmark in the area is Frogner Park (Vigeland Park) with famous statues and sculptures. 

Where to stay in Frogner and Majorstuen

Oslo Guldsmeden – wooden interior, Balinese and Scandinavian feel organic breakfast buffet, and eco-friendly setup. This is one of my favorite hotels in Oslo and I stayed there for several nights before moving to the city. Check prices and availability here.

Saga Hotel Oslo – one of the most popular and cozy boutique hotels in Oslo, Saga Hotel is located near the Royal Palace, close to the city center. It offers beautiful rooms and a tasty breakfast. Check prices and availability here. 

Camillas Hus – This historical hotel, stands out with its traditional Norwegian architecture, its service, and location. You can find it just behind the Royal Gardens. This is a place for a special stay. Check prices and availability here.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, things to do in Oslo in winter, Norway, Frogner

Bygdøy and Skøyen

This is where I’ve stayed for over two years. This area is quiet but still relatively close to the city center. In Bygdøy you will find several of the famous Oslo museums, including the Viking Ship Museum, the Kon Tiki Museum, the Fram Museum, and the Museum of Cultural History, as well as many nice beaches. It’s a perfect place for a nice walk in Oslo with great views and an out-of-the-city feel.

Oslo Viking Museum

Oslo Fram museum


If you prefer something further from the city with a local feel, you can choose one of the suburbs of Oslo. Some of the recommended ones would be Nydalen, popular with students, Grefsen and Kjelsås located further into the hills with great walks and views to Oslo, as well as Vestre Aker borough, where you can find many picturesque areas along the Holmenkollen line with beautiful views.

Another place with great views down to the city is Ekeberg, where you can find Ekebergeparken – a big park with sculptures.

Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump Norway in winter with ski jumping competition


If you just have a short layover in Oslo and you don’t want to make it into the city,  you can stay in the Oslo airport hotel. There are some hotels located directly near the terminals, and a few hotels near Oslo airport. Here are some of the recommended Oslo airport hotels:

Plane hotel in Stockholm Sweden, Arland

How to choose the best hotels in Oslo (and in Norway in general)

Here are some tips on what to watch out for when looking for hotels in Oslo (and in Norway):

  • You can find good hotel deals on the price comparisons websites, such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, or Hotelscombined.
  • Book central hotels in Oslo (and in other Norwegian cities). Things are expensive in Norway, so if you plan to visit the city on foot, make sure to book a hotel close to the city center or the attractions you want to see – public transport prices might not be friendly to your pocket.
  • Look out for additional charges. Some hostels and hotels in Oslo and in Norway charge additionally for bedding. This might come as a surprise to someone who has never traveled to this part of the world before.
  • Before booking the Oslo accommodation check if breakfast is included in the price
  • If you travel to Norway on a budget, make sure that the place where you stay in Oslo has access to the kitchen. It helps to save some money on food.
  • Book accommodation early enough. Prices go up closer to the date.
  • Travel with a big group if you want to rent the apartment – the price can be shared among the group.
Published: 2020, Updated: 2023

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Would you like to stay in any of these Oslo hotels? Or maybe you know better Oslo accommodation? Let me know in the comments!

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Find the best and cheapest hotels in Oslo, Norway. A full guide from locals and travelers to finding the best accommodation in Oslo, from budget Oslo hostels to mid-range and boutique hotels in Oslo, up to luxury hotels in Oslo, Norway, as well as other Oslo budget stay options. #Oslo #Norway #hotels #budget #mid-range #luxury #localguide

Where to stay in Oslo, Norway. Find the best and cheapest hotels in Oslo, Norway. A full guide to finding the best accommodation in Oslo, from budget Oslo hostels to mid-range and boutique hotels in Oslo, up to luxury hotels in Oslo, Norway, as well as other Oslo budget stay options. #Oslo #Norway #hotels #budget #mid-range #luxury #localguide

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