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I’m Aga, the face behind Worldering Around travel blog.

A female travel blogger, geologist, and part-time traveler, with more than 10 years of independent travel experience. On Worldering around I help travelers plan their trips to interesting destinations with recommendations for outdoor activities and unique adventures.

Let’s make something great together!

I am open to working with companies and destinations that fit in the focus of Worldering Around and benefit my audience.  I have a big appreciation for my audience, therefore I only recommend and work with brands and companies, that I truly believe in, and which can bring value to my readers.

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Worldering Around focus

Worldering around niche reflects my personal way of traveling, which is focused on:

  • outdoor activities
  • less-known destinations
  • sustainable tourism practices and responsible travel
  • an affordable way of exploring destinations, including the ones considered as the expensive ones
  • memorable experiences
  • high-quality photography 
  • telling the stories that matter
  • managing a full-time job and travel

What I offer

  • Review of destinations, accommodation, products & services
  • Sponsored posts and content marketing
  • Photography and Product Photography services
  • Extended brand ambassadorship
  • Press Trips/FAM trips/Influencer trips
  • Freelance travel writing

Have another idea? Let me know, I am open to discussion! 

Why work with me?

  • Bilingual website (ENG & PL)
  • High-quality results
  • Captivating photographs – check my travel photography portfolio here
  • Well-researched, elaborative, and engaging articles, usually exceeding 2000 words
  • Engaged audience
  • Results are always on time
  • Experienced independent traveler (10+ years), content creator (photography, texts, designs), and a marketer with PR and SEO knowledge
  • Unique content
  • Exposure to multiple markets
  • Geology and environmental background offering a unique perspective of earth sciences
  • Flexible and open to new ideas 


Some of the references from the companies that I worked with, include:

“Aga proved to be extremely reliable, committed and we highly respected the promotion she provided us on her blog and social media platforms. She is particularly competent in digital media content creation, photography and storytelling, demonstrating an exceptional amount of effort and attention to detail. I can only strongly recommend her to any prospective collaborator, full knowing that she creates
original, high-quality content, will add great value and performs in a very competent and professional manner.” Marken Hostel Manager

“The articles which Aga wrote are even better than we expected. She has big skills in writing posts and I believe she will be a famous travel blogger in a short time. It was a big pleasure to meet with Aga and have cooperation.” Manager of Visit Karakol

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Aga. She is easy to discuss all the details of the agreement with. Her blog is stylish and eye-pleasant, and the articles are well-written, simple and informative. That’s why we got good results in the agreed time and we recommend Aga’s blog for collaboration to any company.” Manager at Keepgo

Site demographics

For details about current blog traffic, site demographics, and social media statistics, as well as examples of previous collaborations contact me for my full media kit.

Press & Media

Worldering around is interested in working with journalists around the world in order to create and share the compelling stories connected to travels, outdoors, living abroad, traveling with a full-time job, and more. I’m happy to answers any questions you might have and contribute to the story.

Please contact me at

Some of the publications where my articles and photos have been published include: