How I Travelled To 14 Countries In 2018 – A Year In Review

A lot can happen during a year. And a lot has happened in 2018 for me, especially travel-wise. I managed to visit 14 countries and many amazing places, still working full time as a geologist in Oslo and even after I broke my leg in Svalbard.  It was also a first full year of living in Norway. How did I manage and how did it all go? Was it worth it? Read my year in review for 2018.

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Travelling year 2016

2016 – Summary of the year

Eleven visited countries (including five brand new ones!), exploring England and Scotland, solo travelling, travelling as a couple, amazing people, great memories, freedom, love and happiness. But also difficult decisions, people’s bad intentions, disappointments, changes. A lot of changes. What a year!

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