USA Road trip – 2 weeks trip plan with destinations map

Big, wide roads. Huge distances. Cheap cars, cheap petrol. Lots of things to see. What else do you need to hit the road and travel around USA?

Of course there are thousand places to visit, hundreds of interesting spots by the road, but not enough time. You have to plan accordingly. Where is it worth to go when you want to see a lot but you don’t have much time?DSCF1729edited


Here is my route, that I’ve done on the west States, during 12 days.

I started from Houston by flight, as I was there for a training. Then I visited (click on the Part number to access more info about the places):

  • Part 1:
    • Alburquerue, New Mexico
    • Petrified forest National Park, Arizona (night back country camping in the desert)
    • Painted Desert, Arizona
  • Part 2:
    • Route 66 and Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Grand Canyon NP, Arizona
    • Lake Powell, Utah
    • Page, Arizona
  • Part 3:
    • Waterhole Canyon, Arizona 
  • Part 4:
    • Monument Valley, Utah
    • Goosenecks State Park on the San Jose river, Utah
  • Part 5:
    • Arches National Park, Utah
    • Moab, Utah
  • Part 6:
    • Canyonlands National Park, Utah (the most beautiful sunrise ever!)
    • Capitol Reef NP, Utah
  • Part 7:
    • Bryce Canyon NP, Utah
    • Zion NP, Utah
  • Part 8:
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Part 9:
    • Los Angeles, California,
    • Santa Monica, California




The trip was definitely amazing, and the National Parks, together with other nature wonders, that we saw during the way – took my breath away!

“USA has too much nice stuff! It’s not fair!” I was saying to my American friends met on the way, and they were laughing at me 😉

It’s true, when you look at it from the nature or geology (I’m geologist, hello!) perspective – it is really unbelievable. Europe is more cultural, but USA has amazing nature.

dwa - Kopia podpis slaba jakosc

More about the trip – soon!

Have you ever been to any of those places or do you plan to go?

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USA road trip


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6 thoughts on “USA Road trip – 2 weeks trip plan with destinations map

  1. wspaniale, że byłaś w Antelope i Zion .. serdeczne gratulacje
    bajkowe zdjęcia

    teraz pozostaje droga na płn przez CA, OR, WA ale ale .. Sierra i Cascades są wspaniałe

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