The best Svalbard snowmobile tours – the real Arctic adventure.

This guide describes the best Svalbard snowmobile tours, with real experience from one of them. The story of a real snowmobile adventure to the East Coast and information on how to book the best snowmobile tours in Svalbard will help you to decide on the best option for yourself. Drive on the frozen sea, admire the green icebergs and blue glaciers, and search for amazing wildlife and Svalbard polar bears while exploring the majestic Spitsbergen on snowmobiles. So much fun!

Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast

Svalbard snowmobile tours

Haven’t heard of Svalbard before? Read on and it will quickly jump on top of your bucket list! You can thank me later 😉

Disclaimer: I received a discount for the snowmobile tour with Spitzbergen Adventures, in exchange for my honest opinion. This post might contain affiliate links. More details here.

Svalbard archipelago, located just 1100 km from the North Pole is covered with glaciers and snowfields which account for 60% of its landmass. The island is administered by Norway and has been connected with the coal mining industry, scientific research, and expeditions to the North Pole. Now Svalbard, and specifically Spitsbergen, the archipelago’s biggest island, are much easier to access also for tourists. You can fly to the island’s main town, Longyearbyen, from Oslo or take a ferry from Europe and start your Arctic adventure from there. There are so many great things to do in Svalbard, that will interest every outdoor lover.

Is it worth taking a snowmobile tour in Svalbard?

Yes, it is! It is so much fun to speed through the frozen landscape. And it might be one of the few places in the world, where you have a vast, empty area to do so. Snowmobiles in Svalbard in winter are the main transport mode, so you will see them everywhere and they are very popular.

Can I take a snowmobile tour in Svalbard year-round or only in winter?

In winter, a white mountain plateau is a perfect place for snowmobile tours in Svalbard and searching for rich wildlife and amazing nature.

The Svalbard snowmobile trips from Longyearbyen to further places are only possible during the winter months because the snow in the valleys surrounding the town melts in the summer.

At that time, however, you can take a short snowmobile tour in the Longyear Glacier instead.

The best Svalbard snowmobile tours

There are many Svalbard snowmobile tours to choose from, shorter or longer.

Snowmobile tour to see polar bears

Some of them allow you to go to the part of the island, where you have a higher chance to see the polar bears. The typical Svalbard polar bear tour doesn’t exist, though. It is not allowed to specifically search for, or chase polar bears, and, the sighting is never guaranteed. They are wild animals after all :). The guides, however, know where it is possible to see the King of the Arctic.

Snowmobile trip to the East Coast in Svalbard

We decided to go for one of the longest snowmobile tours, which lasts 10-12 hours and covers 160 km – to the Svalbard East Coast.

Svalbard snowmobile trip to Barenstburg

You can visit the Russian settlement Barenstburg.

Svalbard tour on snowmobiles to Pyramiden

You can take snowmobiles on a tour of the ghost town of Pyramiden. It’s an adventure in itself.

Snowmobile trip in the Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun, the time when the sun doesn’t go behind the horizon, starts in Svalbard already in April, which is still a winter month with a lot of snow. That allows you to take a snowmobile trip in constant day light. It’s very interesting.

Snowmobile tour to see Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Norway and in Svalbard are spectacular, so watching them from a snowmobile is an amazing experience.

Other snowmobile tours in Svalbard include snowmobiling around Longyearbyen, visiting Ijen Radio Station, or the Svea mining community.

Svalbard snowmobile tour
Driving through the snowfields.
Svalbard East Coast - Svalbard snowmobile tours
Icebergs on the East Coast in Svalbard.

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The Svalbard snowmobile trip to the East Coast

The trip to the Svalbard East Coast showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of the island. It takes you through the wide plains, and narrow valleys, letting you drive on glaciers and the frozen sea.

During winter months, the East Coast of Svalbard is the best place to see polar bears. That’s where they go and hunt for seals on the frozen sea. Therefore, the chances of seeing one of the Kings of the Arctic are a bit higher – but still depend on luck.

We went on a trip to the East Coast with Spitzbergen Adventures. It’s important to choose the outdoor travel company that provides you with all the required outfits, and lunch en route and includes search and emergency rescue insurance in the price. You also want to have knowledgeable guides, who know how to deal with emergency situations and bring the necessary equipment, including rifles for protection against the polar bear attack.

Our trip had it all, and, as always, we didn’t think we would need any rescue services, but it turned out that we did. I was so glad, that we were well taken care of.

Wild Reindeer during Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast
Svalbard reindeer on the East Coast
Svalbard East Coast snowmobile tours arctic adventure
Massive blue icebergs on the East Coast of Svalbard

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The details of the snowmobiles tours in Svalbard 

You don’t need to have any previous snowmobile driving experience to take part in the Svalbard snowmobile tour, however, a driving license valid in Norway is necessary.

It is so much fun to move smoothly through the snow or on the ice, and the snowmobiles are quite easy to manage. However, keep in mind, that even though there are no roads, snowmobiles can reach considerable speeds and cause dangerous accidents. If you follow my social media (and if you don’t, start now: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), you probably know, that we had an unfortunate accident, that resulted in my broken ankle. After being taken to the hospital in the helicopter, I was given a cast for the next 5 weeks and predicted a long recovery.

Luckily, nothing worse happened and I am very grateful for all the help I received from the guides, the rescue team, and the hospital staff in Longyearbyen.

If you can learn something from my experience – choose a reliable travel company, get good travel insurance, and be careful.

Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast - the group
Our snowmobile tour group.
Svalbard tours snowmobile arctic adventure, Svalbard east coast
Enter the white.

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Svalbard East Coast snowmobile tour

The Svalbard trip to the East Coast lasts for the whole day and typically starts at 8:30-9 am.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the office. That’s where he will explain the whole trip and the route, that you are going to take. The East Coast is located approximately 100 km away from Longyearbyen. To get there you drive through the valley, a bit through the mountains and then also on the frozen sea. The return is usually taken in a different way if the weather permits.

Glacier on the East Coast of Svalbard during the tour on snowmobiles to the East coast
The Svalbard East Coast glacier
Rifle and snowmobile on Svalbard
The snowmobile with the rifle cover.

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What to wear in Svalbard for the snowmobile tour?

It’s important to wear proper clothes for your Svalbard adventure. Make sure to check my other post for tips on the best Norway winter clothing and what to pack for Norway in winter.

Before the departure for the tour, you will get all the arctic gear you need. Including a nice full body, spacesuit-like snowmobile suit, haha ;). A balaclava for your head and face, a helmet, a pair of gloves and a pair of boots are very useful in the cold arctic conditions, so you’ll be happy to have them.

Depending on the weather, you might need more or fewer base layers. In any case, I highly recommend having a merino wool top and bottoms. Merino wool is the softest wool available and doesn’t have that itchy feeling, typical to other types of wool. It regulates the body temperature and keeps you warm when it’s cold, or cool when it’s too hot, always staying dry. It’s also completely biodegradable. Here is an example of the top merino wool baselayer and the bottom merino wool base layerI used both, they kept me warm and I can highly recommend them!

For more ideas for the travel gear needed, have a look at the travel gear that I use for my outdoor trips.

After you’re all geared up, it’s time to go to snowmobiles. If you’ve never driven one, you’ll be shown how to operate it. During the trip, before any slopes or harder parts of driving, the guide would typically stop and suggest the best approach.

And then off you go into the wilderness!

Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast on the go
On the snowmobiles

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Snowmobile Svalbard tour the details

That’s where the fun begins. You drive through the frozen landscape, pass the white mountains, get close to the wild reindeer, drive on the top of the glacier and frozen sea, go to the ice cave, and observe the seals coming out of the ice holes.

Your guide will stop often during the trip, so you can take photos of the most picturesque places and he will explain a bit of the history, geology and the landscape around.

One of my favorite stops was the one next to the ice cave. You could see the plants and the soil from thousands of years ago captured in the ice. Amazing!

Ice cave Svalbard - Best things to do in Svalbard tour arctic adventure
Snowmobile spacesuit in the ice cave.
Svalbard tours snowmobile arctic adventures ice hole
Ice hole.

Polar bear kingdom on a snowmobile

When you finally get to the East Coast you will see the massive glaciers. That’s the polar bear kingdom and you need to be on guard. We stopped there for a break and warm lunch on ice. We also enjoyed coffee and “Norwegian hot red bull”, chocolate and cookies, just next to the massive iceberg, directly on the frozen sea.

Then we drove along where the glaciers meet, exploring the huge walls of the blue ice. It was a great experience! I’ve seen glaciers in Iceland before, but this time I could get very close to them.

The route led even further into the sea, where we maneuvered in between the turquoise icebergs and looked for the wildlife.

On the way back you can take a different way back to Longyearbyen, depending on the weather conditions, and stop by the frozen waterfall. My return was a bit different and involved a helicopter – I don’t wish that for anyone of you, though!

Glaciers of the East Coast of Svalbard during Svalbard polar bear tour
The glaciers of the Svalbard East Coast
Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast glaciers
Driving toward the glacier
Svalbard reindeer seen during the Svalbard tours on snowmobiles to the East coast
Svalbard reindeer

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Would you like to go on the snowmobile trip to the East Coast? You can book it with Spitzbergen Adventures here. 

Have you ever driven a snowmobile before? Which one of the Svalbard tours would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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