19 Most Interesting Day Trips From Oslo

Are you looking for ideas for interesting day trips from Oslo? Here you can find suggestions for the best Oslo day trips and weekend trips from Oslo.


In the list of Oslo day trips below, you can find outdoor activities, gentle coastline walks, stunning views, rich history and impressive buildings. I’ve really enjoyed my day trips from Oslo to these places, and I wanted to share them with you, too. 

Did you know how much this part of Norway can offer?

If you are interested in the panoramic views and trails for hiking in Oslo and around, head to the linked post. Remember to also check my post on where to stay in Oslo.

View from Grefsenkollen, Oslo hiking Norway


There are many options for day trips from Oslo, ranging from relaxed walks by the coast to adventure-filled hiking trips, to discovering culture and history of Norway.

Oslo Day Trips Within 1 Hour Drive From Capital

In this part, I list places that you can visit within one hour drive from Oslo. I’ve covered the first few of the recommendations below in my hiking in Oslo post. However, they are not inside the city, you still need to travel a bit to get there and they make for nice Oslo day tours. 

# King’s View (Kongens Utsikt)

The wonderful view, not bad, even for a king (hence the name). According to the story, the King has come here to look at the view below. You can also be to one to admire it after a short hike. 

Kongens Utsikt, day trip from Oslo, Norway

# Mørkgonga

It’s probably my favourite hike in close proximity to Oslo, and not far from the King’s View. Mørkgonga is a crack in the lava plate, that now creates a deep gorge. From the top, you can see wonderful views down to the Honefoss and the little islands. 

For a longer hike, you can continue to Gyrihaugen mountain.

Mørkgonga active day trip from Oslo, Norway

# Kolsåstoppen

The hike to Kolsåstoppen offers panoramic views towards the Oslo fjord and the nearby settlements of Baerum. 

To do the whole loop, you need around 2-2,5 hours and you will be walking for around 7 kilometres in the varied terrain with a few steeper parts. 

Kolsåstoppen, Oslo

# Nesodden and Spro cave

A day trip from Oslo to the little coastal town of Nesodden with colourful boathouses makes for a perfect day in the sun.

From Nesodden, you can go to a very extraordinary place – Spro cave. Inside, you will find a partially collapsed dome that now opens to the sky. There is also a little lake inside the cave. However, what is the most fascinating is the mineral, muscovite, shining in the sun inside, like silver. Outside you can also see it on the beach called Diamond Beach.

Nesodden boathouses, Oslo, Norway
Nesodden boathouses, Oslo, Norway
 Boathouses in Nesodden, Oslo, Norway
Boathouses in Nesodden
Spro cave, Oslo day trip, Norway
Spro cave

# Drøbak

Famous for the beautiful sunsets, outdoor restaurants and home to Santa Claus, Drøbak is a town that makes for a pleasant day trip from Oslo. Whether you visit Oslo in winter or in the summer.

Ice cream in Drøbak, Drøbak is, Norway
Ice cream in Drøbak (Drøbak is)

Drøbak is a great idea for a day trip from Oslo

# Oscarsborg Fortress

From Drøbak, or directly by ferry from Oslo, you can get to the little Oslofjord island with a fort. Oscarsborg is a former 1850’s military fortress and makes for a great day trip from Oslo filled with history, culture and nice views.

View from the Oscarsborg Fortress
View from the Oscarsborg Fortress


# Canyon in Drammen (Kjøsterudjuvet i Gamledammen)

Near Drammen, you can walk inside the deep canyon filled with water. It’s an adventurous hike, only for the brave ones who don’t mind getting wet and climbing some ladders.

Day Trips From Oslo With More Than 1 Hour Drive

Below are my suggestions for day trips from Oslo that are located more than one hour drive from the capital. If you have more time, you can turn them into the weekend trips.

# Rjukan and Gaustatoppen

The industrial town of Rjukan, a part of the UNESCO Heritage List, has a lot to offer. One of the numerous things to do in Rjukan is hiking up the Gaustatoppen, where you can admire 1/6 Norway from. In winter, make sure to try ice climbing.

Gaustatoppen, Rjukan, Norway
Gaustatoppen, Rjukan, Norway

# Heddal Stavkirke 

Heddal Stavkirke is the largest stave church in Norway, located on the way to Notodden and Rjukan. It dates back to 1200s and is still in use.

Heddal Stavkirke 
Heddal Stavkirke

# Gardnos crater in Garnås

Gardnos crater is a huge Meteorite Impact Crater, located near Nesbyen. There is a visitor center that is open to the public during the summer months.

# Gygrestolen in Bø

Gygrestolen is a unique rock formation. You can see it from the distance at the bottom of the hill, but for the best view, you need to follow a trail up. The hike is quite steep and requires some effort.  On top of the formation, you will be rewarded with a great view of Uvdal and Uvdalsgjernet.

View from the top of Gygrestolen, Bø, Norway
View from the top of Gygrestolen, Bø, Norway
View to Gygrestolen, Bø, Norway
View to Gygrestolen, Bø

# Lifjell 

Lifjell is a mountain plateau with numerous hiking trails in the summer and skiing trails in winter. Snow stays there for longer than in other areas, so if you already miss winter at the beginning of spring, Lifjell is the place to go. The hiking area in the park is almost 200 km2, and you can find there more than 20 summits over 1000 meters above sea level.

Skiing in Lifjell in winter
Skiing in Lifjell in winter

# Tønsberg

Tønsberg is the oldest town in Norway, founded during the Viking Period. It houses several of the important sites, including the world-famous Oseberg ship, which copy can be seen in the Tønsberg harbour. Or Mount Slottsfjell, the Scandinavia’s largest ruin site, with a fortress from the 13th century.

# Verdens Ende and Færder National Park

Verdens Ende, which means “The World’s End” is a part of the Færder National Park, located just outside of Tønsberg. The area is famous for the vast horizon views and a Vippefyret (bascule light or tipping lantern), built in 1932.

Verdens Ende, Norway
Verdens Ende, Norway
Færder National Park, Norway
Færder National Park, Norway

# Fredrikstad 

Fredrikstad is famous for its old town, Gamlebyen. This is Northern Europe’s best-preserved fortified town. Today it’s full of picturesque wooden houses, charming cafes and good restaurants.

Fredrikstad Gamlebyen
Fredrikstad Gamlebyen
Fredrikstad old town, Norway
Fredrikstad old town, Norway

# Ytre Hvaler National Park

Corals in Norway? Yes! In Ytre Hvaler National Park you can find a rich underwater ecosystem including corals and kelp forest. On the coast, you can walk along the smooth rocks shaped by the sea waves and ice. The coastal woodland is home to various plants and animals, including many protected species.

The national park is a perfect place to wind down, get closer to nature, feel salty air on your skin and watch the vast sea horizon.

Ytre Hvaler National Park
Ytre Hvaler National Park
Sculptures in Ytre Hvaler National Park
Sculptures in Ytre Hvaler National Park

# Mærrapanna naturreservat

Similarly to Ytre Hvaler National Park, and located not far from it, Mærrapanna naturreservat offers rocky coastal paths with varied plants and animals. The nature reserve and recreation area is located north of Fredrikstad municipality. 

# Hankø island

Located not far from Fredrikstad, Hankø island is a perfect place for a relaxing Oslo day trip. The island has been a recreational spot since the 1870s. Even King Olav bought his holiday home there. Today it belongs to Norwegian Princess Martha and her family.

# The Ancient Trail

The Ancient Trail along the highway 110, is Norway’s most concentrated collection of historical and cultural monuments dating back to the Bronze and Iron age.

Along the trail, you can find many of these monuments, including burial mounds, rock rings, rock carvings and more. We stopped in a few of them and they are quite easy to find. 

Rock paintings along the Ancient Trail
Rock paintings along the Ancient Trail

The Ancient Trail

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Have you tried any of the day trips from Oslo? Maybe you have your favourite Oslo day trips? Let me know in the comments!

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